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Posted: March 21, 2015 at 9:51 pm

Now that you added and authorised your contact, you can click on their name in the contact list and initiate text conversation, voice or video calls, and desktop sharing, by choosing the relevant icon under their name:

Figure 5: Selected contact in the Jitsi main window with icons for IM, voice or video call and desktop sharing

Step 1. We will now explore one of Jitsi's most important features: the ability to text chat securely, encrypting your messages with OTR. OTR functions in a similar manner to GPG/PGP described in other chapters in this toolkit. Just as with PGP, before you and your contact can encrypt your communications, you both need to configure Jitsi to generate your encryption keys. You can do this by selecting Tools > Options menu and selecting the Security tab and Chat sub-tab. You will then see a window similar to one shown in the image below:

Figure 6: Part of the chat options window where you can generate encryption keys for your text chats

Step 2. Next, click the Generate button. As a result you will see the fingerprint of the key that has been generated:

Figure 7: Part of the chat options window showing fingerprint for your generated OTR encrypted text chat

One key is generated per account. You only need to do this again if you add a new account or install Jitsi on another device and do not move the existing keys to it.

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Jitsi - secure IM & VoIP | security in-a-box

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