Jackson County reports fifth week in a row of increased Covid-19 cases – KDRV

Posted: April 19, 2021 at 6:50 am

MEDFORD, Ore--On Sunday, Jackson County Public Health reported 20 new cases of coronavirus, taking last week's total to around 280 cases. This means for the fifth week in a row, Jackson County has experienced a rise in new Covid-19 cases.

According to reports taken by Jackson County Public Health, Jackson County has seen a steady rise in new Covid-19 cases dating all the way back to the week of March 14.

In that time, going from March 14 till last week, Jackson County has reported 168, 195, 229, 267 and now 280 cases.

To find the last time that Jackson County experienced five weeks in a row of cases increasing, you'd have to go all the way back to October. During that streak, cases had increased every week over a six-week time frame and hit all-time Covid records for the county.

Jackson County is also 77 cases away from reaching 10,000 total cases since the start of the pandemic.

But even with new Covid-19 cases rising, vaccinations in Jackson County are increasing.

According to data collected by the Oregon Health Authority, Jackson County health officials have vaccinated almost 70,000 Oregonians throughout the county. That's more than one in every four residents have recieved at least one shot of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Jackson County is also making progress when it comes to getting people fully vaccinated. OHA says that of the 68,435 people in Jackson County that have been vaccinated, 43,389 of those people are fully vaccinated.

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Jackson County reports fifth week in a row of increased Covid-19 cases - KDRV

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