Is it any surprise Republican men dont want the COVID vaccine? – The Boston Globe

Posted: March 25, 2021 at 2:44 am

Good for Tom Mountain for encouraging his fellow Republican men to get the COVID-19 vaccine (To my fellow Republican men: Get the COVID vaccine, Opinion March 18). But is he really surprised theyre so reticent for some inexplicable reason? This is a population that ate up every lie the former president fed them: COVID was a hoax; masks, a sign of weakness. They thought Joe Bidens free and fair election to the presidency was fraudulent. Many were so convinced, they stormed the Capitol.

I hope Mountains fellow Republican men will follow his lead and get the vaccine, for themselves and our country.

Max Roberts


Watch out who you call libertarian

It was nice to see Tom Mountains advocating for Republicans to get the vaccine, which for some reason many are against. Unfortunately, he makes an incorrect accusation: The libertarian mind-set is a barricade against the governments urging Americans to get the vaccine. Its anathema to libertarians rugged individualist persona. Where did he come up with this idea? While libertarians, of which I am one, do believe in personal liberty, peace, and limited government by following the Constitution, that does not mean that we would not follow the guidelines by wearing masks and getting a vaccine to keep the population of our country safe. As Mountain said, nearly one-half of his fellow Republicans are unwilling to get the vaccine. I got my vaccine last week, and the second comes next week.

MaybeMountain has forgotten that the Libertarian Party was formed when some Republicans bolted from their party in the 1970s, while Richard Nixon was president. They refused to go along with many of his policy issues and positions. Today, some Republicans have stated the need for a new party. One is not needed. The Libertarians are here and oppose much of what Donald Trump espoused.

John Madfis


She always thought shed get COVID-19

Tom Mountain: I never thought Id get COVID-19, of course. But I did.

Me: I always thought that I could get COVID-19, of course. But I didnt. I was responsible and careful. Go figure.

Rebecca Block

Newton, MA.

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Is it any surprise Republican men dont want the COVID vaccine? - The Boston Globe

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