International Space Station for August – Santa Barbara Edhat

Posted: August 8, 2017 at 3:49 am

Source:Chuck McPartlin, ISS

The International Space Station is back for some early August Santa Barbara appearances. To get the latest predictions, visit Heavens Above.

On Monday, August 7, the ISS will rise in the NNW at9:54 PM, and pass low over our mountain horizon to disappear in the NNE at9:56 PM, entering Earths shadow just as it reaches the bent W of Cassiopeia.

The first passon Tuesdaywill rise in the N at9:02 PM, and cruise low across the mountains to set in the ENE at9:05 PM. It will pop up briefly again at10:37 PMin the NW, vanishing at10:38 PMafter a short climb.

On Wednesdaywe will get a bright pass that begins at9:45 PMin the NW, passes the bowl of the Big Dipper and crosses the handle of the Little Dipper to fade away just above the North Star, Polaris, at9:47 PM. Notice that Polaris isnt all that bright, but it shows you true North, and its altitude gives you your latitude.

Thursdaywill have a bright pass rising at8:53 PMin the NNW, and vanishing in the ENE at8:57 PM, just as it reaches the chest of Pegasus. It will pop up again at10:29 PMin the WNW, and disappear at10:30 PMin the W, just below the bright orange star Arcturus.

OnFriday, August 11, the ISS will rise at9:37 PMin the WNW, sail brightly past Arcturus, and fade away in the WSW as it reaches Serpens Caput at9:40 PM.

The best and brightest pass of this series will coincide with the monthly Star Party at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, rising at8:44 PMin the NW, going by the bowl of the Big Dipper, along the length of Draco, across the Summer Triangle, and disappearing in the ESE at8:49 PM, just above the dim triangle of Capricornus, the Big Bikini Bottom of autumn.

Sundays pass will rise at9:29 PMin the W, pass low above Jupiter, and fade away in the head of Scorpius in the SW at9:32 PM.

The station will rise in the WNW at8:36 PMon Monday, and pass higher, between Scorpius and Saturn, to disappear in the SSE in Sagittarius at8:42 PM.

No pass will be visibleon Tuesday, and the final pass of this series will happen onWednesday, August 16, appearing at8:28 PMin the W, cruising low through Leo, below Jupiter and Spica, and setting beneath the stinger of Scorpius in the S at8:32 PM.

Hasta nebula!

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International Space Station for August - Santa Barbara Edhat

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