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Posted: May 4, 2017 at 3:02 pm

Tim Martin claims God isnt listening. Without a direct pipeline to God, how would Tim know that, especially since, as an atheist, he claims God doesnt exist? If God is a non-existent entity then He probably lacks hearing aids. Tim is a talented writer. Where does he get that gift from? Possibly God. As a columnist, Tim has written about his love for animals. Wheres that from? God is love; therefore love is of God. Tim is happy as an atheist, yet happiness may also be derived from the Almighty an apparently forgiving source.

Maybe humor also derives from God, who may be amused that those who deny His existence also blame His non-existence for not listening ...

Everywhere is evidence of the presence of a magnificent creative force, of intricate and awe-inspiring design, of profound beauty in nature. Pantheism is an ancient belief system meaning God in Nature. Most importantly, despite the persistence of evil, abiding goodness prevails as the chief component of the natural order of the universe.

Its true that prayer in itself may not always change a situation to our liking, yet sincere petitioning to God has within it the capacity to change if not the desired outcome the prayer, the one who prays.

Here is a two-line poem dedicated to Tim Martin:

Just because we cant see the air

Doesnt mean it isnt there.

And a prediction: Non-believers may sometime be surprised, preferably in a good way!

Claudia Nelson, Hydesville

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In response to Tim Martin, God exists - Eureka Times Standard

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