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Posted: December 22, 2015 at 10:41 am

First to Review

Since this is the first review I figure I'll be DETAILED... This is the spot that used to be Vain Nightclub. I think it literally switched over in the last week or so. I went for a friend's bday party last Sat. night - had never beent to Vain and knew nothing about this place.

We got there a little after 11. No line. There was a cover (not sure how much), but we had a "password" for the door so free for our party. We went up the 2nd floor first. Music was very B96-y and that's fine by me for a drunk night out.

The dance floor was pretty small and spilled right on up to the bar. I didn't dance much...we mostly stayed posted at the bar because service was SLOW and BAD. The bartender was a total bitch! The special was $5 Patron or O-bomb shots, but they were the warmest fucking Patron shots I've ever had poured...not that this deterred us from approx 10 rounds throughout the night..ughhh. Drinks were normal club prices, but at least Belvedere was the standard "vodka tonic" pour. When i bought a round, the bitch bartender (by the way howwww are tehre only 2 horrble bartenders for an entire floor of a bar/club??) asked if I wanted to close it out or leave it open. I said go ahead and close it and she said, "Well it's only $28 - the minimum is $30"...THEN WHY DID YOU ASK ME? Moron. There was a big fat over-use of a fog/smoke machine that kept choking us eww. A waterfall wall with 2 half-naked butterface dancer girls bouncing on it. Really sweaty/hot in there even away from the dance floor. Cramped.

We eventually headed downstairs where it was less crowded and sweaty, and the bartender guy there was "ok" except they ran out of Patron around 2am. WTF? You are a BAR. It's Patron. LAME! We closed out our tab at last call, left to grab a cab, and when we are seated in the cab and closing the door the bartender runs out after us and makes us come back in because he can't find our signed tab. MORON. Then the manager was a complete prick to me when i defended my bf by saying it was the bartender's bad not ours. The greasy little douchebag in a cheap suit manager yelled at me and told me to "watch my voice". Uggh watch your employees you balding fuck.

I would give a "2", but overall I had a lot of fun with my friends. Prices were expected. It was pretty diverse (a lot of Asians - including my friend, pretty large amount of black and latino partiers). It was a nice change from hipster Wicker Park or frat boy/yuppie Lakeview/Lincoln Park...especially for being so close to the heart of LP. Fun music - mostly hiphop. I would go again unless we had to pay a cover.

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