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Posted: April 11, 2021 at 5:57 am

By Steven Cartwright

You havent danced with me like that in years! I dont know what youre doing, but keep it up Its nice having the old you back.

I hadnt realized how constantly tired and sore I was till my wife pointed it out. Of course, I weigh myself often enough to know Id put on a few pounds And my ever-increasing coffee habit told me I was slowing down.

But I never realized how grumpy I was all the time. I just thought feeling tired every day was normal at my age.

Like a lot of people, Ive tried tons of different pills, potions, and health fads over the years dieting, running, weightlifting, yoga, Crossfit, and crazy resistance-band workouts. All Ive got to show for it is a basement full of nonsense gadgets and machines.

Most of them worked for a little while. But sooner or later, normal life would creep back in, and Id find myself back where I started.

But Tommy Chongs Good Vibes CBD is truly what made the biggest difference. Even better, its now available to LA Weekly readers to try for only $10

As I approached middle age, it seemed like every year made me a little slower, more tired, and sore.

Most nights, it was hard to get a decent nights sleep. In the morning, it would take me over an hour to warm up and feel like myself, and then by lunchtime, I was dragging. Where had my energy gone?

My weight kept creeping up. Pants that didnt fit started showing up in the donate to Goodwill box with shocking regularity.

When I started working from home last spring, I thought it would be the perfect time to take back my health. But it definitely didnt shake out that way.

Everything started getting worse not better. I felt like I was sleepwalking through my days and tossing and turning all night.

Could have been the stress. My wife and I were both suddenly working from home with two teenagers in the house. Days started to blur together into one big mass of sweatpants and microwave lunches.

I never felt rested or refreshed. I never had any energy. My mood was garbage, and it was stressing out my family.

The breaking point came when I caught myself reading the directions on a bottle of over the counter pain pills to see exactly how many I could take in a day, wondering if I could safely double it by mixing and matching different brands.

I was on a constant supply just to be able to sit in my desk chair during the day without my neck and back screaming at me. I even started working from the couch alternating between hot pads and ice packs.

As uncomfortable as I was, I would have gone on that way forever thinking it was normal.

I know what youre thinking Tommy Chong? The guy from the Cheech and Chong movies?

Yep. That Tommy Chong.

I told her, Look, Im not interested in anything called Good Vibes. What is that, some kind of pot brownie?

She told me, No, its actually this new kind of CBD I really think you should check out.

I had tried CBD before Id heard all the promises and tried several brands Oils, pills, even gummy bears and it didnt do a thing for me.

I wasnt the only one. I asked friends of mine, and most of us had tried CBD before and none of us were still using it.

I told my wife, Look, you know CBD oil never worked for me. Its all a load of BS. Are you sure its not some kind of scam?

Tommy talks about it on his personal website and social media, she said. And they have a money-back guarantee. So if you dont like it, it wont cost us anything.

She bought a one-month supply for me to try, and I am so glad she took the leap on this CBD for me.

Tommy Chong is probably the most recognizable name in hemp by a long shot. But the thing that really sets Tommy Chongs Good Vibes apart is the science.

Good Vibes is made from a special kind of CBD thats designed to be up to 15 times more effective than normal CBD.

Its called Nano CBD and it changed my life.

Regular CBD is oil soluble, which means it dissolves in oil, not water. That makes most CBD oil difficult to absorb into your body, which is primarily made of water.

And the little droplets of oil (called liposomes) tend to stick together, which makes them way too big to be absorbed by your body.

In fact, up to 95 percent of normal CBD oil gets wasted by your liver and flushed away.

Nano CBD is the opposite. The liposomes are broken down so tiny, that they slip directly into your bloodstream which is where they need to be in order to do any good.

Unlike most CBD oils, Nano CBD is water-based, so its thin and clear, not sticky and brown.

Good Vibes helps you improve your mood, focus, and energy during the day. The other, Nice Dreams, is designed to help you get better sleep at night.

I decided to try a dropper of Good Vibes (the daytime formula) first.

This wasnt like any other CBD Id ever tried.

The taste was really light and pleasant, a little fruity with no aftertaste. My wife tried a dropper, too, and noticed an aftertaste, though I didnt.

The biggest difference was how it made me feel. I held the drops under my tongue for a minute or so, then swallowed the rest and went about the rest of my afternoon not expecting much.

I felt like I had just taken a light nap or gone for a brisk walk.

In fact, thats exactly what I felt like doing. I wanted to get out of my chair and get some fresh air!

I was under a deadline, so I kept my butt parked in the chair until Id turned in the article I was working on.

After an hour, I really started to notice improvements in my mood and focus. I was much more motivated to write than I normally am at 4 p.m.

After ending my workday, we sat down for dinner with the kids. I didnt notice anything specific during dinner, but after, I had the strong urge to go for a walk.

My wife and I took a stroll around the neighborhood and we both felt pleasantly energetic, considering the long day wed both had.

After a couple of hours of T.V., it was time for me to crack open my bottle of Nice Dreams and go to bed. After holding the berry-flavored drops under my tongue for about 30 seconds, I went on with my normal bedtime routine.

I wish I could tell you what the rest of the evening was like, but I cant because I was asleep within 15 minutes. That hasnt happened in years.

No tossing or turning trying to find the perfect position. I just laid down in the bed after brushing my teeth, and it was like someone turned the lights out.

The biggest difference was the following morning.

I slept through the night, about seven hours, and woke up feeling like Id slept for 12. I hadnt felt so rested in ages.

Those drops really did give me Nice Dreams, as silly as that sounds.

Each day, I wake up and take a full dropper of Good Vibes to start my morning. If its a weekend, I sometimes even skip my normal cup of coffee.

During the day, Im more motivated to tackle my daily schedule. I feel like Im even eating better.

I guess getting a better nights sleep makes me less tempted to snack on junk food. I find I enjoy healthy food more than I did even a month ago. I even took a pair of my favorite pants back out of the Goodwill box because they fit again.

I reached out to the company to tell them about my experience, and it turns out Im not the only one.

Tommy Chongs number-one focus is letting everyone who needs Good Vibes try it. So, we partnered with Tommy Chong in offering LA Weekly readers an exclusive deal.

Tommy has set aside a special reserve of Good Vibes and Nice Dreams bottles specifically for LA Weekly readers, and hes letting an entire 30-day supply go for only $10. Thats less than what it costs to make the product.

Seriously. $10 for the same product I happily paid $59 for. (Full Disclosure: I have since received several free bottles from the company while writing this article.)

Now, this isnt some sketchy free trial where the company will try to stuff a bunch of hidden charges on your card after they send your free bottle.

This is a legitimate subscribe and save plan your first order is only $10 with no hidden charges or billing shenanigans. And this isnt some tiny sample size that will barely last you five days.

Heres the cool part: If you love it, theyll send you another in 30 days for only $49 a discount of 40% off the normal price.

And if you dont like it for any reason at all, just call them toll-free at 833-667-3223 or send them an email to support@getchongcbd.com.

Not only will they cancel your monthly subscription, theyll happily refund your $10 as their way of saying thanks for giving it a try.

I hope it changes your life the same way it did mine, and thousands of other people who have become lifetime customers of Tommy Chongs CBD. And if not, Im so happy that the company has a lifetime money-back guarantee to let you know youre protected.

Created in partnership with Tommy Chongs Good Vibes Protocol.

Steven Cartwright is a freelance writer and former sales consultant from Utah. His work has been featured on MSNBC, TheChive.com, FoxSports.com, and more. Hes passionate about personal health, technology, and trying his hand at new and exotic recipes his kids refuse to eat. He loves to spend his days working on his perpetually unfinished book about work and life tentatively titled, It Was Going to Be a Horse.

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