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Posted: March 21, 2021 at 4:49 pm

Though a frequent member, Hulk is famous for battling the Avengers, and in a new Alex Ross Cover, he is absolutely crushing Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Warning: contains spoilers forImmortal Hulk

Some of theHulk'smost famous fights are with theAvengers, and in a newly revealed cover, he absolutely destroys them. The cover from award-winning comic creator Alex Ross offers both insights into the Hulk's past history with Earth's Mightiest Heroes and a tease at what's to comeinImmortal Hulk'sfuture.

It's no understatement to say that Hulk's never had a tougher time than he's having in the latestImmortal Hulkissues from writer Al Ewing and artist Joe Bennet. Due to the machinations of Hulk's archnemesis, the Leader, Bruce Banner has been imprisoned, the Green Skar has been taken over, and the Devil Hulk has been killed. All of this adds up to only two personas left, Joe Fixit and the child-like Hulk. Unfortunately for both of them, even the child-like Hulk had been reduced to just skin and bones after being drained of Gamma Radiation. Things only grew worse from there as the weakened Hulk was assaulted by the evil Fantastic Four, the U-Foes, resulting in Hulk's annihilation. The last readers saw of the great green brute was inImmortal Hulk #44 wherehe and Joe woke up in the Below Place with a massive mutated Leader looming over them.

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Now, in the newly unveiled cover forImmortal Hulk #47, it appears as though Hulk isn't only alive again, he's strong enough to defeat the Avengers. Obviously, thiswon't be the first time Hulk has squared off with Marvel's premiere superhero team, as he infamously defeated every single Marvel hero in the World War Hulk storyline. It's not even the first time he's faced them inImmortal Hulk.Immortal Hulk #7saw the Avengers take on the dangerous Devil Hulk. Though heeffortlessly smashed the team, theAvengers defeated Hulk by firing an orbital laser and then dismembering him so he couldn't regenerate. Fortunately for the Hulk though, the new cover shows that Avengers won't have these options for their next fight.

With their latest brawltaking place in New York City, a rampaging Hulk will have a clear advantage over the Avengers. They wouldn't dare use anything like an orbital laser in the middle of a bustling cityand they also have to worry about collateral damage, something Hulk has no concern for. It's unknown which Hulk is depicted in this cover though, so that could undoubtedly make a difference. Though the powerful Devil Hulk is dead, that doesn't mean the Avengers should rest easy, as every Hulk isa major threat in their own right. Based strictly on the cover forImmortal Hulk #47, whichever Hulk is facing the Avengers ismore than holding his own.

Regardless of how the fight goes though, the artwork speaks for itself. Alex Ross has done the cover art for every single issue ofImmortal Hulkand the results have ranged from triumphant, to horrific, tomind-bending like his cover depicting Hulk in Hell. Even without the series' context, this cover showingHulksmashing theAvengersis a powerful image.

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Hulk Crushes the Avengers in Jaw-Dropping New Alex Ross Cover Art - Screen Rant

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