How Sajid Javid could become the government’s menace on the backbenches –

Posted: March 5, 2020 at 5:59 pm

The government's motivation, to bolster electric vehicles and boost state coffers, is the antithesis of what it promised but a few months ago Brexit has always been about returning power to the hands of the electorate, and away from unaccountable politicos bent on forcing their ideology on the rest of us.

It risks putting the government on a collisioncourse with the electorate (one the government admits it has borrowed votes from) at an uncomfortably early stage. With five years to go until the next general election, they may feel it a risk worth taking plenty of time for things to settle down. But if precedent around the world is anything to go by, it is not the sort of thing voters, especially working class voters, forget easily. Whats more, there is a rival view within the Conservative Party itself one that the electorate, faced with a fuel hike and a government trampling all over them, might look to as an alternative.

In his resignation speecha week ago, the former chancellor, Sajid Javid, reaffirmed his commitment to free market principles, which is hardly a surprise, given his banking career and the stories that have swirled about his (slightly weird) love of Ayn Rand.

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How Sajid Javid could become the government's menace on the backbenches -

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