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Posted: August 6, 2017 at 3:12 am

The United States Patent and Trademark Office considers non-naturally occurring, nonhuman, multicellular living organisms, including animals, to be patentable subject matter. Here are some of the famous living creatures that were patented:

Dolly the sheep She was the worlds first mammal produced by cloning. Instead of being the product of a fertilised egg, her DNA material was taken from the cell of another sheep.

Dolly was cloned in 1996 and lived a normal life until she was euthanised in 2003. The Roslin Institute researchers who did the cloning tried to patent Dolly, her offspring, and the process of cloning her. However, the institute was only allowed to patent the process used in cloning Dolly

OncoMouse This is the worlds first patented animal. Created to study the formation and treatment of cancer in humans, Harvard University was granted a patent in April 1988 for the OncoMouse, which was classified as a Transgenic Non-Human Mammal.

Later, Harvard licensed it to chemical company DuPont, which had been involved in its development. The patent generated some controversy among animal rights activists, who questioned the morality of patenting a living creature.

Pseudomonas Bacteria A new species of oil spill eating Pseudomonas bacteria was the first genetically modified creature ever patented. It was made by inserting into a single species the DNA from four species of oil spilleating bacteria in the Pseudomonas genus

AquAdvantage Salmon This is the first patented and genetically modified salmon that has been approved by the FDA for commercial production and consumption. A product of AquaBounty Technologies, it is made by adding genes to an Atlantic salmon from the Pacific Chinook and the ocean pout. The result is a GM salmon that grows two times faster than regular salmon.

GloFish The GloFish is the worlds first genetically modified pet. It is a patented zebra-fish that glows under ultraviolet light. Initially, the GloFish was not made as a pet but as a sort of biological instrument to detect water pollution. The first GloFish was made by Singaporean scientists who wanted fish that glowed whenever the water they inhabited was polluted.

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Here's the list of some of the famous living creatures that were patented - Economic Times

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