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Posted: February 6, 2021 at 8:30 am

United Kingdom CBD Company Says Education and Customer Service Key to Attracting Loyal Customers

PALM BEACH, FL, Feb. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hempura premium CBD oil is coming to America.

Hempura, known for its high-quality CBD products in the United Kingdom, wants to bring the same premium CBD oil to the United States.

Consumers often are confused about CBD products. They dont realize that you do not need blockbuster amounts of CBD to reap the benefits, said Lewis Hadaway, founder of Hempura. What you need is a high-quality product made from natural hemp extract that contains different hemp compounds and terpenes. We set a high standard for our CBD products in the United Kingdom, which is the difference between Hempura CBD oil and other brands.

Hempura plans to export the following CBD Oil products to the United States:

Hempura Refined 250mg Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD Oil

Hempura Refined 500mg Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD Oil

Hempura Refined 1000mg Broad-Spectrum Refined CBD Oil

Hempura CBD Oil 250mg Full-Spectrum Original Extract

Hempura CBD Oil 500mg Full-Spectrum Original Extract

Hempura CBD Oil 1000mg Full-Spectrum Original Extract

Hempura 300mg Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules

Hadaway said the Original & Refined extracts have the same amount of CBD, but the Original contains all the natural hemp components without the refinement of the broad-spectrum Refined product. Ultimately, it comes down to personal taste.

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The original extract has a darker color, Hadaway said. Some people think the refined extract tastes a little better. It is a clearer oil.

Hadaway founded Hempura in 2016 because he saw the potential of CBD in the consumer market.

I asked myself, Is this the time for CBD? Hadaway said, adding that he quit his job in nuclear project management and started Hempura with his own funds.

I am still hands on, but in 2016 when I started the company, I did everything, Hadaway said. I built the website. I set everything up. I was customer service. Everything has been meticulously designed by me.

Now, Hadaway has a team in place, but the attention to detail is a core value at Hempura.

One reason Hadaway has emphasized education and information on Hempuras website is the confusion that surrounds CBD.

The CBD market is so saturated. Consumers dont know what or who to believe, he said.

Hadaway said Hempura emphasizes education and customer service to slash through the confusion and stigma that still exists for some consumers.

We provide transparency and educational information on our website so people can learn about CBD and its benefits, he said, adding that Hempura offers authentic CBD products that people can trust.

The byproduct of Hempuras approach is a loyal customer base.

We build relationships with our customers because CBD is a lifelong product, he said. We provide information and full transparency, so our customers understand why they are buying CBD. We empower our customers to make informed decisions. This reduces concerns and fears, especially for seniors.

You can see the results of Hempuras emphasis on customer service when you read online comments. Ninety-five percent of the 617 reviews on Trust Pilot give Hempura a great or excellent rating.

Excellent brand and service. Having tried a few other brands, Hempura was by far the best in terms of swift service and quality. I won't be going anywhere else now, Lizzy wrote on Trust Pilot.

Added Louise: I cannot thank Hempura enough. Their customer service is exceptional. The staff is kind, polite, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to deal with We have tried other oils but always return to Hempura and don't plan to change anymore. It is a superior product.

Hadaway said he appreciates the kind words from his customers.

I am gratified that my original emphasis on education, quality, and customer service is embedded in our corporate culture, Hadaway said. My team deserves the accolades. They all work hard to meet the needs of our customers.

For more information, visit Hempura online.



Hempura Plans to Bring Authentic CBD Oil Products to the United States - Yahoo Finance

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