He was on vacation that cost 15,000 Johnson was examined – asumetech

Posted: May 11, 2021 at 10:49 pm

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under investigation as to whether to go on a luxury vacation to the Caribbean islands after winning the general election in late 2019. The authority has die Task, die Ensure compliance with the parliamentary rules stated on their website.

In addition, the Conservative leader and his partner Carrie Symonds spent die New Year holidays on the private island of Mustique in the Caribbean archipelago of the Grenadines.

Boris Johnson had in MEPs asset disclosure announcement stated that the holiday, which cost 15,000 at current price, was provided by businessman David Ross, a Conservative Party donor.

Johnson brought die Ambiguity expressed than he initially did die Refused to pay that amount before retiring from speaking through his spokesman to claim it was an asset.

On Monday, a Johnson spokesman reiterated that the prime minister die I have consistently followed the rules.

He said: The prime minister has that advantage in transparently set out the House of Commons Interest Record and added, It is clear that die Rules are in place and it is important that everyone obey them.

The government had previously stated that everything in the advertisement was disclosed.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for David Ross announced that the businessman was Johnsons residence in Mustique relieved which was valued at 15,000.

It is also a factual advantage of Mr. Ross over Mr. Johnson, and die Mr Johnsons statement to the House of Commons is correct, he said.

This comes as pressure mounts on the UK Prime Minister, who faces allegations of die undermine his integrity and the relationship between power and private gain; and an investigation into financing the renovation of his home in Downing Street is initiated.

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He was on vacation that cost 15,000 Johnson was examined - asumetech

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