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Posted: April 4, 2021 at 5:27 pm

THE SCOTTISH Greens have set out their strategy for tackling Scotlands drugs death crisis pledging an end to policies that clog up our prisons with victims.

Scotland has recorded almost 3,400 deaths due to drug misuse in the last three years, more than any other European country.

In the final week of parliament before the election campaign began, outgoing MSPs voted unanimously to back a pledge to investigate decriminalising possession for personal use of drugs.

But the Greens have now pledged to officially end the war on drugs, insisting the strategy has failed.

Instead, the party have said resources should be prioritised into tackling drugs as a public health emergency rather than a criminal justice policy.

The Scottish Greens manifesto will include proposals to adopt a person-centred approach with a focus on drop-in services and crisis centres which are accessible and provide wrap-around support - including the introduction of safe consumption facilities.

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The party would also integrate alcohol and drug partnerships with other services to develop a more joined-up rehabilitation service.

Scottish Greens co-leader Lorna Slater said: Scotland has the highest level of drug-related deaths in Europe. Its clear the war on drugs has failed.

We need a completely different approach. While outdated UK wide laws present us with some challenges, Greens believe that there are bold steps that can be taken now to address the national scandal of drug deaths.

She added: Scotland has is a proud record of harm reduction, with things like the smoking ban, minimum unit pricing for alcohol and our approach to knife crime.

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Our approach to drugs must continue that tradition, and the need is urgent. Thats why we support safe consumption and other measures to prevent deaths and focus on rehabilitation, so we dont clog up our prisons with victims.

Earlier this month, SNP Minister for Drugs Policy, Angela Constance, confirmed allocation of four new funding streams totalling 18 million from 250 million already announced by Nicola Sturgeon to help tackle the drugs deaths emergency over the next five years.

A 5 million communities fund will provide resources to community and third-sector groups to increase capacity for their services, while a 5 million improvement fund will bolster outreach, treatment, rehab and aftercare support for women.

Ministers have also announced a 3 million families and children fund to better support families of those impacted by drug addiction and a 5 million recovery fund for extra residential rehab capacity.

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Greens pledge to end 'failed' war on drugs and tackle crisis with health policy - HeraldScotland

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