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Posted: June 13, 2020 at 1:09 am

Caven Point must remain public land

I have lived in the Lafayette neighborhood next door to Liberty State Park for several decades. I would like to know just who does the Liberty National Golf course think we area bunch of dupes and hicks who dont understand the value of real estate? I dont mean to sound harsh, but the owner, a Mr. Paul Fireman, who already owns or has access to plenty of adjacent property, somehow feels entitled to annex our public land at the Caven Point peninsula in order to locate 3 holes at the waters edge, for no other reason than the exclusive luxury of it.

He is either prevaricating, delusional or indulging in wishful thinking if he believes his golf course will ever contribute to the local economy. Have you seen the parade of cars fleeing onto exit 14 at the end of a tournament day? These people are not spreading out into the community to dine at restaurants or spend their money locally. They are getting out of Dodge by the quickest possible route. And furthermore, there is a whole other contingent who are ferried over on the launch from Manhattan, or dropped in by helicopter.

The facts remain: After a long history of hard use by industry, this land finally belongs to the people again. It is also a critically sensitive littoral zone that supports a variety of wildlife. The land they want to take is unique and irreplaceable; it is NOT underutilized as has been claimed; it is a rare, urban, public natural areathe last remaining beachfront access for ordinary citizensthat is you and me, our neighbors and our families.

For the state to allow its sale or lease to a private for-profit concern, owned by one of the largest land-owners in the United States of America (look it up), in exchange for what amounts to pocket-change-in today's market, is an obscenity. I am offended by his "offer" when there remain so many more-important issues: of nature-education, the re-emergence of habitat, inclusivity, the healing of old woundsspiritual, psychic and environmental.

I guess this billionaire just thought he could do an end-run around us by dangling the patronizinglyinappropriate bauble of a completely-redundant golf school so that he could fulfill his own personal & corporate ambitions. I say NO to any transfer of the people's land at Caven Point to any private enterprise. The loss would simply be too great.

That the park, like all public resources, could benefit by more fiscal support goes without saying: we do need more amenities, programs and accessibility, but at what cost? and with whose input?

Whatever glossy, impractical and unrealizable promises that we may hear from the golf course proponents could never make up for the loss of this irreplaceable public asset that belongs to us all. If these precious acres are handed over, the next generation is going to wonder how in heaven they were betrayed in this odious manner when they look over at the pesticide-laden greens OFF-LIMITS that were once theirs. The youth of our community deserves better than to be stripped of this natural resource. I urge the council to pass the Resolution for the Liberty State Park Protection Act on June 24 without amendment or diminution.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Agnes de Bethune, Jersey City

Sunday is Flag Day

June 14 is Flag Day. The Stars and Stripes symbolizes our great nation and everything for which it stands: Liberty, freedom, and equality for all.

We should respect and honor our flag; many have fallen to defend it. Regardless of race, ethnic origins, social and economic status, political affiliations, and / or religious beliefs, many Americans have shed their blood to protect and preserve "The Star-Spangled Banner, our way of life, and our enduring and endearing values as a united, self-determined group: Americans.

Some pompous, callous-minded people pretentiously claim that the First Amendment gives them the constitutional right to disgrace, desecrate, dishonor, and disrespect our flag. And yet, as a nation, we fought wars to protect that very right. Indeed, America is the bastion - the great citadel of and for individual rights, democracy, and personal freedoms, ironically, even the right and freedom to defile our flag.

On Flag Day, everyone should fly Old Glory with pride, dignity, and reverence. It is time for Flag Day to be more than just another day of huge sales at the local mall.

John Di Genio, Albert J. Cupo, Jersey City

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