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Posted: March 7, 2021 at 1:22 pm

The last time that we wrote about a president being inaugurated on March 4, it was in 1933: Frank Roosevelt takes office today; and Mr. Roosevelt enters the White House when the country is at what we all hope is the bottom of the worst depression it has ever suffered.

You see, March 4, used to matter. A lot. It was when Congress and the president began their terms. But the date has been a relic of history since the 20th Amendment, ratified that same year, 1933, moved the inauguration up six weeks to reduce the lame duck period from early November.

Starting in 1937, the presidential action has been on Jan. 20, with Congress beginning on Jan. 3.

Weve cracked open the archives because some crazed supporters of Donald Trump believed he would be sworn in Thursday, that March 4 is still all-important. Because the last time Trumps crazed supporters believed a nutty theory about presidential succession, they sacked the Capitol.

The lunacy goes like this: When ratified in 1868, the 14th Amendment supposedly did something that caused everything that followed to be not legitimate, including the 20th Amendment. Were not sure if the 14th still counts, but anything later is void, from the 15th to the 27th. No more rights of Blacks (15th) and women (19th) to vote. No more income tax (16th).

Hmm. Maybe the correct theory is that only the original Constitution is actually real, meaning no Bill of Rights, no free speech, no Fifth Amendment criminal rights, and there still would be slavery.

March 4 was in the 12th Amendment, not the 1787 Constitution. The Continental Congress picked the date for the new government. But the new government didnt make it. The first House met April 1, 1789, the first Senate on April 6, when they jointly counted the electoral votes. Washingtons inauguration was April 30. We guess hes not legitimate either.

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Ghost of March 4 inauguration back to haunt us - Olean Times Herald

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