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Posted: August 9, 2017 at 5:21 am

GDC Technology Limited announced that its GDC Theatre Management System (TMS) has claimed the top spot in Indias cinema market. To date, more than 1,000 screens, among nearly 3,700 DCI-compliant 2K/4K screens, have been installed with GDC TMS-2000 in India. This represents close to 30% of Indias total DCI-compliant screen count.

Globally, more than 22,000 screens use the GDC TMS.

GDC TMS-2000 features include integrated screen monitoring with playback and equipment status displayed on a single access point, an enhanced Content Manager enabling centralized content and KDM management, and an intelligent Show Scheduler which alerts users regarding missing CPLs and invalid KDMs.

This year, additional features designed to reduce user workload during cinema operations were developed for the GDC TMS. These include:

* Auto SPL Generation:SPL is generated automatically based on POS movie title, showtime and screen capability.

* Auto Pre-Show Assignment:Template to automatically insert pre-show advertisements and trailers from a configurable set of rules.

* Auto KDM + DCP Ingestion:KDMs and DCPs are automatically detected and ingested into the TMS server and media server.

Customers today have raised the bar about what they expect from the cinema viewing experience, including audio and visual enhancements, movie content variety, and even the physical comfort of theatres, said Dr. Man-Nang Chong, founder, chairman and CEO of GDC Technology Limited. Our role is to keep being responsive to the market changes and expectations, and continually improve the theatre management system to offer exhibitors a complete solution for management of the digital cinema workflow, and achieve the greatest possible efficiency under centralized control.

GDC also offers QualityManager, an optional module and value add-on that maintains crisp color, clear audio, and the right level of projector brightness. In addition, the GDC TmsRemoteTM mobile app extends theatre management to mobile platforms. Besides supporting more than 30 pre-qualified POS systems, GDC TMS-2000 seamlessly integrates with all leading cinema equipment brands.

Visit GDC booth #402 at Big Cine Expo 2017 August 8-9 at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India (, to learn more about the features and benefits of GDCs latest IMB product lineup and software products.GDC will also demonstrate the TMS-2000 Theatre Management System and Network Operations Centre 2.0. Delegates may also schedule an appointment for an in-depth discussion by contacting Rohit Sharma at

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GDC Theatre Management System is number one in India | Film ... - Film Journal

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