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Posted: July 10, 2017 at 7:40 pm

Jul 10, 2017 - (Newswire)

Solving problems before your customers even know they have the problem is a laudablegoal. How can an organization do that? Jack Uldrichsays, "Start thinking like a Futurist."

Global Futurist Jack Uldrichis a distinguishedspeaker and best-sellingauthor. He travelsthe world speaking on future trends in a myriad of industries including education, finance, healthcare, agriculture, energy, and transportation.

"Thinking like a futurist involves appreciating how the world of tomorrow is changing. Far toooften companies are fixated on issues that are only front and center; or at times, they are stuck dealing with issues from the past. They aren't taking time out to reflect on what the future will hold in store."

Today, Uldrichwill address a leadinginfrastructure solution provider here in the Twin Cities. His audience will consistof Tech Management Specialists as well as Technologists in several industries including healthcare.

He will deliver his keynote: Foresight 20/20: Ten Game-ChangingTechnological Trends Transforming the world of Tomorrow.

The talk, based on his most recent bookForesight 20/20,will focus on advances in mobile web video communications, virtual and augmented reality, social media, robotics, gaming dynamics, renewable energies, "Big Data," the Internet of Things, as well as cybersecurity advances. He will also delve into quantum computing and how it will continue to drive seismic change and deliver paradigm-shattering transformation to nearly every facet of society.

Uldrich says, "Thinking like futuristsrevolves around these basic tenets: understanding the trends transforming the world of tomorrow;takingaction in the face of uncertainty; developing an appreciation for humility and embracing the concept that unlearning is as important as learning when it comes to future trends."

Most importantly Uldrichwantshis audiencemembersto adopt new open mindsets and to begin acquiringthe tools to create the future themselves.

Following his talk in Minneapolis, Uldrichwill be off toconducta three-day experiential leadership seminar based on leadership lessons of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in Great Falls, Montana.

Parties interested in learning more aboutJack Uldrich, his books, his daily blog or his speaking availability are encouraged to visit hiswebsiteor to contactAmy Tomczykat amy@jackuldrich.com.

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Futurist Jack Uldrich to Speak on Top Ten Future Trends for Leading IT Advocate - WireUpdate

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