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Posted: January 27, 2020 at 12:18 am

The best hotels take you somewhere. They transport you, taking you to another plane, another dimension of comfort, serenity and experience.

The best historic hotels take you to another time by a carefully curated cocktail of history, luxury and authenticity.

The Caribbean has an impressive portfolio of historic properties some that have always been hotels, others that have taken historic buildings and meticulously transformed them into havens of hospitality.

From The Bahamas to Antigua, you can find beautiful historic hotels across the Caribbean, all with that rare ability to take places centuries old and make them, well, timeless.

Graycliff, The Bahamas Centered around a mansion built in 1740 by legendary pirate John Howard Graysmith, Graycliff is the crown jewel of historic downtown Nassau, with one of the Caribbeans most iconic restaurants and a boutique hotel with 20 rooms. Its the sort of place where luxury abounds, from one of the largest wine cellars on earth to an on-site cigar factory and an exquisite chocolate factory. (Churchill even stayed in the propertys popular pool cottage). The rooms are spacious, with grand bathrooms and Bvlgari amenities, and the service is sublime. Its a hotel that should be on the bucket list of every Caribbean aficionado and one of the regions truly special places.

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From The Bahamas to Antigua, the Caribbean's Best Historic Hotels - Caribbean Journal

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