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Posted: April 15, 2021 at 6:42 am

Disruptive and assistive technology offer new opportunities for everyone, but these opportunities are specifically more significant for people living with disability (PLWD). Frasil technology is designed to allow people with disabilities to access the Internet in those terms. Frasil offers PLWD a choice and a voice to embrace their personal preferences around most aspects of their lives and let them be heard. The portal reduces isolation and dramatically improves communication.

Fran Killoway is the Executive Chairman, Inventor, and Founder of Frasil Group Pty Ltd. Frans background in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), coupled with neural networking is not traditional. It is hard for people to believe that the 68-year-old female has brought such changes to the traditional computer logic and then added the complication of making AI and ML work for most PLWDs. The last 10 years have taught Fran to learn that unless you live in the shoes of a PLWD, it is very hard to get technology like Frasil to work for them.

Frasil is demonstrating to the industry that artificial intelligence can be used for good and is not something to be afraid of. The company also accepts that Artificial Intelligence will become a core part of technology in the future. Even though Artificial Intelligence is seen as a threat, in Frasils case, it is used to allow PLWD the ability to access technology on their personal terms. Inside Frasil, most of the data comes from artificial intelligence interactions. It drives the future of the company and ensures the Frasil technology continually adapts to the needs of each PLWD by achieving a sense of independence for every user on their terms. These technological developments wouldnt be a reality without AI, ML, and Quantum.

Frans journey, as a professional, for the past ten years made her learn consistent lessons that awarded her with achievements. She has had the privilege to lead very strong teams with vulnerability and humility. The experience contributed to Frans strength and courage while making tough decisions. According to her, being vulnerable is all about the risks she took while building technology at the core of Frasil. Fran believes that as a leader when one puts themselves in the market, it is impossible to control the outcome. Humility is paramount to Fran and gives her the strength to recognize that nobody gets all the answers. She is comfortable relying on her team, which has talented people. Fran acknowledges that even though she is 69she knows very little.

Primal challenges always remind Fran of Einsteins famous quote, The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. By continually engaging with PLWD for over ten years, Frasil learned how to better connect theories and knowledge to reduce miscommunications.

The four pivotal challenges that Fran faced are listed below,

Fran opines that displaying an excellent strategic vision, for all stakeholders, is vital to ensure a strong client focus. It helps to create an atmosphere of reciprocal trust which is mandatory for innovative leaders. She believes in displaying absolute ethics around doing what is right for Frasil, the stakeholders, and PLWD. Fran says that as a leader, she encourages stakeholders to put their faith in the companys culture to magnify upward growth. She highlights that both persuasive and negotiation skills are also vital attributes reinforced through continuous reflection.

Fran mentions that the simplest definition of appealing to Frasils audience is to go back to the very basics of why or what problem the Frasil technology is solving. Fran remarks that she likes to make PLWD feel like they are the centre of Frasil technology as individuals, and not as a group. Frasil is then able to start understanding each users emotions because the company observes PLWD on their terms emotionally. Fran underlines the fact that Frasil also encourages all types of feedback and is obliged to make suggested changes to each users feedback within 72 hours.

Fran unfolds that disruptive technologies are the key enablers for disruptive innovation because they act as a driving force behind the altercation of technologies like Frasil. She adds that artificial intelligence has the potential to greatly increase the efficiency of the existing economy. But companies like Frasil, that lead the way in the use of disruptive technologies, may have an even larger impact on innovation. Fran notifies that innovative companies see the likes of disruptive technologies as a new way of doing things that can reshape the nature of innovation, process, and the future organization of research and development.

Fran believes that artificial intelligence is going to change the world more than anything else. She highlights that artificial intelligence allows most problems to be reduced to their simplest starting point before they become complex solutions that allow for many versions of themselves across many applications in diverse industries. Fran concludes by saying that regardless of all the views, the impact artificial intelligence has and will have on everybodys lives is very hard to ignore.

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Frasil: Deciphering Technology to Reduce Isolation and Improve Communication of PLWDs - Analytics Insight

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