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Posted: February 15, 2020 at 10:59 pm

It was on the sets of Bangalore Days that Fahadh Faasil and Nazriya met each other. Five years later, this star couple would be sharing screen space again with the upcoming movie Trance. The audience is eagerly awaiting the release of Trance directed by Anwar Rasheed, as this must be the first time that a husband and wife had played hero and heroine in a Malayalam cinema. Fahadh and Nazriya opens upabout Trance and their experiences of making the film together.

You are well connected with your fans, arent you?

Fahadh I dont try getting connected with anyone. I dont know how to use it to the advantage of my movies or my personal life.

Nazriya I am the one who is active on the social media. Fahadh is not at all active in such things. Fahadh gets connected to others with the posts and messages that I share on the social media.

Do you feel any difference acting together before and after marriage?

Fahadh I dont really feel any difference. Its been five years since Bangalore Days got released. We have been married for five years as well. We know most of the crew members of Trance from then onwards. The sets seemed like our home itself.

Nazriya We went to the sets together and came back together. That is the only change that I could see in Trance from Bangalore Days.

Do you discuss films at home?

Fahadh We dont discuss films at home at all. We never speak about how to do a character or approach a scene. I think about it only when I am shooting.

Nazriya I too am not interested to discuss movies at home.

How does Trance become a unique experience for Fahadh and Nazriya?

Fahadh Trance is not a movie that was easy to shoot or capture or even perform. We actually had very hard shooting days. I have played the most difficult character in my career, in Trance.

Nazriya My character in Trance wasnt that heavy. As the crew members were all familiar faces, filming too wasnt difficult for me.

What was the reason why Fahadh and Nazriya joined hands in Trance?

Fahadh It was in Trance that both of us were offered roles together after marriage. Moreover, Trance is the only movie that both us felt like doing together.

Nazriya We werent offered any other project that excited us like Trance. That is the reason why we didnt appear in any movie together after marriage.

Is there any advantage when a star couple becomes star producers as well?

Fahadh We dont actually do it very consciously. We hardly contemplate seriously about producing a movie. Donning the producers hat was something that happened quite unexpectedly.

Nazriya It was through the movie Varathan that I turned producer. I decided to co produce it only because we are friends with Amal Neerad.

Can you talk about your respective characters in Trance?

Fahadh I am not saying anything about my character as I am curious to know the audiences reaction when they watch it in theaters. However, I can assure that Trance and my character in it is fresh and exciting.

Nazriya My character in Trance hardly has any similarities with my life. I havent done a similar character in my career before.

After wrapping up Trance, where did you spend your holidays?

Fahadh We dont plan any trips in advance. If I unexpectedly get a break of one or two weeks, we go for vacations.

Nazriya We dont always go for trips after every movie. However, we do go for vacations once or twice a year. We had just been to a weeklong vacation in Bangkok.

Where did you spend you holidays in Bangkok?

Fahadh We went to the Koh Sanui island which is two hours away from Bangkok by airplane. It is one of the largest islands in Asia.

Nazriya I suggested this island. It is usually I who check out the places that I think would be great for a trip. I then tell Fahadh whenever we have holidays.

Did the number of journeys increase after marriage?

Fahadh I used to travel as part of my studies before getting married. I enjoyed local trips with my friends as well. However, it is after marriage that I began going for elaborate trips.

Nazriya Before marriage, I used to travel mostly as part of shooting. However, it is only now that I began going for such holidays.

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