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Posted: June 8, 2016 at 2:44 am

Pursuing posthumanity...today!

Extropians just like Transhumanists believe that its not only our right but also our responsibility to make INTELLIGENT use of the new emerging technologies to expand our frontiers beyond our frail human physique and limitations, striving to become stronger, smarter and plainly more bad-ass beings through use of technologies like life-extension, genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence and nanotech among many others.

Unlike Transhumans, Extropians opt to take this further by proclaiming that its not enough to passively wait for technology to reach that level but rather to strive each day to become better, applying current techniques and knowledge like psychology, exercise, mind-enhancement exercises, quizzes, and plain healthy living to become proactive and positive influences in our environment, along with having active participation in pushing the limits of science either through research itself or indirectly by organizing groups of like minded people, trying to improve our environments and rallying for causes that promote the development and implementation of technology across all layers of society.

During my long journeys through the net I've found several interesting sites about Transhumanism and Extropianism among many other curiosities that might be worth checking. Here I share some of them that might prove useful in your journey towards Posthumanity...

One of my favorite sites about Zen and minimalism, following the ideas that less is more and written by the great author Leo Babauta. It provides many useful tools to get the most of the now and simplify your life. Completely worth checking!

Foundation that investigates the nature of aging. Holds many interesting programs, research, scholarships and grants. Very important for those working on the biological sciences.

Forum about Processing, a powerful high level programming language.

A wonderful page filled with open access books, lots of useful information!

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