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Posted: May 11, 2020 at 12:01 pm

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know who Elon Musk is. He does many things. Many people know him for being the CEO and co-founder of Tesla, but he's also the CEO and founder of Space X (an aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company), The Boring Company (infrastructure and tunnel construction services company), Neuralink (neurotechnology company), SolarCity (solar energy services), and many other companies and projects.

He is also kind of crazy, he gets frequently involved on Twitter rants, shares memes, and he named his kid X A-12. Yes, that's right, he recently had a kid with Canadian pop singer Grimes and named the baby X A-12. Which we recently learned from his new interview with Joe Rogan that it's pronounced X = X (letter X); = Ash; A-12 (Archangel, his favorite aircraft).

Besides wanting the human race to become a multi-planetary species, and wanting us to become cyborgs, he is also a gearhead; he has a history with cars that goes back many years even before Tesla.

In this list, you're going to take a look at ten facts that prove that Elon Musk is really a huge gearhead.

In 1999 Elon Musk ordered a Mclaren F1, as you can see in this old CNN interview, where he was taking a look at his brand new carfor the first time; back then, he was younger, balder, and had a thicker Southafrican accent. Even back then,you can tell that he was a true gear head.

After selling his company, Zip2, for 400 million dollars cash, Elon bought an F1.The Mclaren F1 was the fastest car at the time, only 64 of these cars were made, and Elon paid one million dollars at the time for one of them.

He used to daily-drive this car, and a year later, he wrecked it while showing off the car's capabilities to investor Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal). The craziest thing about this story is that the car didn't have insurance.

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In a tweet, back in 2017, Musk revealed that he owned only two gas cars. One of them is a Ford Model T that a friend gave to him.

The model T was the first affordable vehicle; it was the vehicle that came to revolutionize the world. Before the Model T, people used horses, and only very wealthy people were able to buy cars, this has certain parallelism with the Model 3, Elons idea is to revolutionize the automotive world, making electric cars affordable and practical for everyone.

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The other gas car Elon owns is a Jaguar E-type.This British sports car is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. It was produced from 1961 to 1975 in two body styles, roadster and coupe. Its not clear which of these two Elon owns, but either way, both are beautiful cars.

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Back in 2012 Elon owned an Audi Q7 and a Porsche 911, he recently had things to say about the new Porsche Taycan, a model that aims at part of tesla's market as a high-end, high-performance electric sedan. Elon's thing with porsche was also present at the launch of the Cybertruck prototype; when he compared the performance of the truck to that of a 911.

This car belonged in the 1977 James Bond Movie 'The Spy Who Loved Me', and Elon was always amazed by this vehicle since he was a kid, and in 2013, he paid 920,000 dollars at an auction to get this car. The blocky and angular design of this vehicle drew inspiration in Musk for the Cybretruk prototype.

It's no secret that Elon enjoys driving, he daily-drove his Mclaren F1 back then, and he daily drives his teslas today. He's been seen driving his Cybertruck around Los Angeles on many occasions. According to one of his tweets, the cars he drives the most are his Model S Performance, then a Model 3, and a Model X if he's driving with his kids.

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All of Tesla's vehicles are super fast. The Model X is the quickest SUV on the market with a 0-60 mph of just 2.9 seconds; this 3 row SUV is faster than most supercars. Same with the Model 3 performance, as well as the Model S. Elon has made sure Tesla's cars are fast and sporty.

Elons roadster served as a dummy payload for a Falcon Heavy test flight. The car was set free on space with a mannequin dressed in a spacesuit. The Roadster is now wandering around space.

Its predicted that radiation will start destroying parts of this car while in space, and that the only parts that will last are the aluminum frame, inert metals and glass (not shattered by meteoroids).This car is the only production vehicle outside the planet earth.

Trucks have been the same for 100 years, and Elon wants the first Tesla truck to re-invent how trucks are. With its stainless steel monocoque construction (Elon calls it ''exoskeleton''), the Cybertruck moves the stress from the frame to the skin of the vehicle. Allowing in this way to have a better towing capability as well as a more durable body.

Before Tesla, electric cars were slow, expensive, and had a very short range in terms of autonomy. In a way, Elon did with Tesla what Ford did with the Model T. Tesla has set the standard for electric cars, and thanks to its success, now we see every automaker making efforts to came out with better electric cars.

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