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Posted: March 9, 2020 at 1:44 pm

Lydia Finnegan has suffered from eczema for years, but now she has revealed that a product that she saw on Dragon's Den has played a massive part in improving her skin.

Introducing herItchie Scratchie blog, Lydia wrote: "I have tried and tested many skin products and I will post numerous blogs on what caused my eczema, how I initially tried to deal with it (and failed), how I finally managed to get rid of it and how I manage it now."

In her blog, she explains how just over 4 years ago, she had almost given up hope of finding a way to bring her eczema under control. "I scratched and scratched and bled and scratched more. I wasn't sleeping.Every part of my body was covered in red raw, itchy, flaky, bleeding, blistered hell, and I mean EVERY part." she said.

She continued: "Eczema hit me like a ton of bricks, I had never suffered like this before, but it spiralled to the point where I had no control. I was blaming everyone for everything."

However, the 27 year old blogger now claims that a coffee scrub which she saw on Dragon's Den has played a role in the dramatic improvements of her skin.

She revealedthat Grounded's Coffee Body Scrub has made her skinnoticeably better and that it works as a great exfoliator.

"I've been using the scrub for a few years now. This scrub was on Dragon's Den - a guy made this to treat his girlfriend's eczema and it worked!"

She continued: "I use the grapefruit one - it is the softest texture and smells amazing. It is full of vitamins and moisturising ingredients. The coffee/salt exfoliates any dry skin if I leave it on for more than minutes, I notice instantly smoother skin."

Grounded's Coffee Body Scrub in Grapefruit17

"Be super gentle when you put it on though" she explained.It feels GREAT to itch with, so you can irritate your skin by over-doing it (which I have done MANY times because my self-control is ZERO when it comes to itching."

Lydia then spoke to Tyla and told them:"It made my skin feel so soft - like noticeably better and a great exfoliator. Full of good ingredients that I know moisturise my skin.

"It can sometimes tingle when putting on sore skin - and I wouldn't put on oozy or cracked skin - because it'd be too harsh/painful and could irritate skin more. Just once a week, gently, works wonders."

She also revealed that she swears by the Aveeno moisturiser to compliment her use of the body scrub.

"The difference in terms of how soft your skin is is genuinely instant - but over a number of months of weekly scrubs and daily use of Aveeno emollient cream I saw a difference," she told Tyla.

"I used them together, the Aveeno strengthened my skin barrier again and the scrub helped with exfoliation and hydration plus my general mental health and state of mind improved."

You can check out the collection of Grounded's CoffeeBody Scrubs from their website and the range is between 11 and 17.

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Eczema sufferer reveals that Dragon's Den product dramatically improved her skin - FM104

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