Donald Trump believes he would be on Mount Rushmore if he were a Democrat – Yahoo News

Posted: April 29, 2021 at 12:53 pm

Donald Trump believes he should be included on Mount Rushmore (REUTERS)

A stone bust of Donald Trump would already be chiselled into the granite pillars of Mount Rushmore if the former president were a Democrat, according to Donald Trump.

At the same time, Mr Trump has also said Democrats want to "blow up" the presidential monument.

Whether contradictory or consistent ideas, Mr Trumps comments in a new podcast on Wednesday are the latest in his long-running preoccupation with the landmark dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson.

Mr Trump also told podcast host Dan Bongino that he would be holding a rally "soon", and that he would likely announce his plans for the 2024 presidential election immediately after the 2022 midterms.

Mr Bongino, an avid supporter of Mr Trump, proposed that Hollywood loved the former president before he became a Republican, and that if he had run as a Democrat he would already be on Mount Rushmore.

I know, I know yeah, I would have, Mr Trump replied.

He has previously suggested his face should grace the monument, tweeting in August 2020 that it "sounds like a good idea to me!" after reports emerged his office contacted the governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem to discuss the idea.

"Based on all of the many things accomplished during the first 3 1/2 years, perhaps more than any other Presidency," he claimed.

At Independence Day fireworks on 4 July 2020, Ms Noem reportedly gifted Mr Trump a $1,000, 4.4 feet (1.3 metres) tall miniature of Mount Rushmore with his face included alongside Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln.

Mr Trump told a campaign rally in September last year that his poll numbers had been going up "like a beautiful rocket" ever since his speech at Mount Rushmore for that Independence Day celebration.

"If you would see how beautiful this is, it was like this perfect evening. The Sun was setting. The faces of these great, great majestic heroes of our country, right. Heroes of our country," Mr Trump said.

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"And they want to blow up Mount Rushmore."

The former president told Mr Bongino on Wednesday that he would likely announce if he would run for a second term regardless of whether Republicans do well or not in the midterms.

"And I am giving it the most serious consideration I think probably the most appropriate time would be right after the 22 election. Thats my opinion, Mr Trump said.

I could do it sooner, but I think right after the election would be good, especially if you have a good election. Now Im not sure if you didnt have a good election, Im not sure that that wouldnt be good also, if you want to know the truth.

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