Dicapta Corporation Accessibility Technology Makes It Possible For DeafBlind Individuals To Watch An Oscar-Nominated Film About Themselves For The…

Posted: March 18, 2021 at 12:23 am

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla., March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ --Dicapta Corporation announces their app Access4All that allows everyone to experience "Feeling Through." Thanks to Dicapta's participation in providing their Access4All technology platform, all audiences with sensory disabilities can access the movie's accessibility features at any time. This is a unique film in that it casts for the first time a lead actor who is deafblind in real life.

Dicapta Corporation's founder and owner, Maria-Victoria Diaz, states "Doug Roland, the director of Feeling Through, has been outstanding in dedicating his talent to meet the needs of the viewers with disabilities. Our community with disabilities is interested in all kinds of movies, like everybody else, but this is the first time a movie about ourselves is offering all kinds of features to accommodate our needs. From captions adapted for easy reading to Spanish language tracks, Access4All accommodates to the needs of the viewers. I invite filmmakers and media producers to always consider audiences with disabilities among their target to reach."

"Feeling Through" has won 15 film festival awards across the globe. Currently this film is one of five in the Live Action Short Film category to be nominated for an Oscar on April 25, 2021. A total of 174 films qualified in this category, "Feeling Through" has made it to the final five nominations.

Thanks to the funds from the Office of Special Education-OSEP from the US Department of Education, accessibility for the film "Feeling Through" is available on the Access4All app. The app (1) allows participants the ability to automatically synchronize the film captions, audio description in English and Spanish, American Sign Language (ASL), and other features with the film.

Thanks to Dicapta Corporation's technology, viewers who are deaf and/or blind can have the same movie watching experience that people without disabilities enjoy. They have access from their Braille displays, or the screen of their mobile device. Whether the film is watched online or in person, viewers will always have the ability to access the tools customized for the blind and hearing-impaired community.

For a limited time, "Feeling Through" is available at the following link :

Download Access4All from the Google Play store or the Apple store, and enjoy the movie.

Dicapta Corporation is a technology company focused on making media accessible for people with visual and hearing disabilities. It has been offering high quality description, captioning, language customization, and interpretation services since 2004. Dicapta has served the TV industry, media companies, educational institutions, and variety of organizations in making communications accessible to everyone.

For more information on Dicapta Corporation or their Access4All technology visit online at https://dicapta.com/tvaccess/ or call (407) 389-0712.

(1) All the accessibility features for the movie are stored in the Access4All Digital Clearinghouse of Accessibility Assets, administered by Dicapta Foundation, https://access4all.dicaptafoundation.org.

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Olga Collazos, Dicapta Corporation, (407) 389-0712, ocollazos@dicaptafoundation.org

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Dicapta Corporation Accessibility Technology Makes It Possible For DeafBlind Individuals To Watch An Oscar-Nominated Film About Themselves For The...

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