DaniLeigh and Fivio Foreign head to the Caribbean for Dominican Mami visual – REVOLT TV

Posted: June 17, 2020 at 1:27 am

Last month, DaniLeigh released her latest single, Dominican Mami, which features assistance from Fivio Foreign and sees the two flexing over a blended New York drill beat courtesy of Tommy Brown, MoneyEvery, and Xavi:

He play my game like Atari, he want Minaj like Safaree, I cook the beef like hibachi/

I got a pound of biscotti, yeah, I can see that they jealous/

Moon walking, Margielas, VVS on my tennisI broke his heart, its my fetish/

Shawty a bird, feathers, hate when she sees us together.../

Now, fans get to check out a fly music video to match, which shows DaniLeigh living it up in the Dominican Republic, relaxing on the water, driving through town on four-wheelers, and twerking with her crew. Fivio can also be seen playing dominoes and performing his verse around some eye candy.

In addition to the release, DaniLeigh has also revealed merch in promotion of the single. Given the current state of events, shes also revealed that all proceeds from said merch will be going to organizations in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Given that DaniLeigh was also outside during the Los Angeles protests, its clear that shes down to assist in stopping the current injustices that were facing in the country today.

Along with another new track titled Levi High, Dominican Mami is expected to appear on DaniLeighs forthcoming album Loved A Liar, which she explained during an interview with Billboard:

Its a whole movie, like, it got 16 tracks on it, its literally like, start to finish is my entire story of me loving a liar. So the album is called Loved A Liar, i loved a liar (laughs)... Im gonna do so many interviews, and theyre gonna be like, whos this person? And Im gonna be like, yall can try to figure it out. But Im a super low-key person. Its dope though, it goes from that to me loving somebody else thats, you know, was a superstar too.

Press play on Dominican Mami below.

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DaniLeigh and Fivio Foreign head to the Caribbean for Dominican Mami visual - REVOLT TV

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