Cyber crooks clean out MNC executive’s account – Times of India

Posted: June 3, 2017 at 12:32 pm

NEW DELHI: An MNC executive has lost Rs 1.6 lakh to cybercrime. According to police, crooks cleaned out his account in flat 11 minutes. They said the money was withdrawn in at least 12 transactionsthrough ATMs and net bankingon May 25. Cops are collecting details of bank transactions and have filed an FIR. The victim, A Kashyup, said that his SIM card was not deactivated, as was the case in some previous cases, and received alerts for the transactions on his mobile phone. He was at home when he started getting the messages around 9.30pm on May 25. Kashyup logged in to his net banking account immediately and blocked his ATM card, but transactions continued till 9.41pm. The initial probe has revealed that the money was withdrawn from ATMs in Meerut. Around Rs 50,000 were siphoned off through net banking. Police said the account to which the money was transferred has also been traced to Meerut. They are yet to procure the details of the account holders. Cops suspect that forged documents were used to open these accounts. A Delhi Police team will soon leave for Meerut to conduct investigations. Cops are also trying to obtain the IP address of the computer, which was used to transfer the money. Cybercrime experts say this could be a case of ATM card cloning. "The crooks may have swiped the card onto a skimmer when the victim used it at a petrol pump or any other outlet and saved the information," said an officer. According to sources, once the card is swiped on to the skimmer, it records details like card number, name and CVV number, stored on its magnetic strip. The data is either pasted on a blank card or used to carry out online transactions. Apart from this, the crooks may install cameras at ATM kiosks to record details.

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Cyber crooks clean out MNC executive's account - Times of India

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