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Posted: January 15, 2020 at 5:44 am

Its not easy to become a classic.

Its not just half a century of luxury, or years of visits by legendary names.

A classic resort is about a vision, a look, a philosophy and relentless execution.

Being flanked by two of the regions most scenic beaches doesnt hurt, either.

Curtain Bluff, one of Antiguas iconic resorts, has long been a Caribbean signature, a resort the very mention of which seems to stir emotions in travelers.

Set on the southern coast of Antigua and founded by the late Howard Hulford (whose wife Chelle still lives in the resorts Bluff House and still hosts a weekly cocktail party for guests), Curtain Bluff is the sort of grand property that doesnt seem to exist any more.

And yet it has never felt more current, more now.

After several years of upgrades that included changes to even the very smallest of details, Curtain Bluff is, well, better than ever.

The property, which includes a mix of 72 rooms and suites, all of which boast beachfront views, is still the luxurious, indulgent space it always was but its got an even more sparkling look to it.

What hasnt changed is the Hulford vision of hospitality, of serene, beautiful luxury, of a place that makes you feel something.

And its still delivered in a rather unique way an all-inclusive that never feels like one, a luxury resort whose warmth makes you feel as if youre staying in your own private club.

And its rooms, always the sort of lavish accommodations youd expect from a legend, are fresh and gorgeous, with little touches like espresso machines, somehow preserving the jet-set look with a modern sheen. (Thats without mentioning the suites, particularly the propertys splurge-worthy wing, the Hulford Collection, a luxury oasis punctuated by plunge-pools perched above the ocean.)

Its that duality that manages to extend itself across the resort timeless and fresh, family-friendly yet perfect for adults seeking seclusion; apt for active travelers (the Caribbeans best tennis center is on hand) and those merely in search of a week of lazing on the sand.

And thats certainly true of the all-inclusive program. Its an all-inclusive experience that doesnt feel like one, where you always feel like youre being indulged.

Its at once the sort of rarefied space we dream of and an energetic, crisp resort ripe for honeymoons and experiential travelers alike.

In other words its a classic.

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Curtain Bluff, an All-Inclusive Caribbean Classic, Is Better Than Ever - Caribbean Journal

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