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Posted: March 31, 2021 at 5:45 am

situated on the east side of estado de mxico, the interlomas student housing complex by a-001 taller de arquitectura, proposes an architecture that brings residents together, following space optimization principles in a shared living environment. the project introduces a distinctive volumetry, with the dwellings taking shape as concrete towers amid open recreational, rest areas with lush natural surroundings.

all images courtesy of sandra pereznieto

a-001 taller de arquitectura shaped the project through volumetric experimentation with the site, with the challenge to create a series of private and shared areas for twelve students. an initial volume was dismembered into four towers that contain the bedrooms. between these towers, there are open, common areas fostering the collective activities of the occupants. the ensemble is completed with four levels, housing the bedrooms and shared internal spaces, two study rooms, a recreational area, two lounge areas in a roof garden, two integral kitchens, a dining room, a gymnasium, and a service area for maintenance.

the project reinterprets the traditional dichotomy of the courtyard house by providing sufficient space, both interior and exterior, and allowing all rooms to enjoy natural lighting, ventilation, and verdant vegetation. regarding the projects materiality, a-001 taller de arquitectura has opted for the prominent use of corrugated steel, to give an interesting aesthetic character, as well as thermal warmth and singularity, to the complex. due to the imperfection of the technique, every corrugated concrete wall is different from the other, generating a unique look.the walls, which are very low maintenance, create a rich mix of textures and stony hues.

during the building process, several technical trials were held in order to achieve the final corrugated concrete effect. different types of metal sheets and wood were used until the ideal technique, in which none of the corrugated waves peeled off, was achieved. this is the reason why the corrugation is slightly slanted, instead of at a straight 90 angle. the exterior of the project is completed with fixed wooden furniture installed throughout the shared areas, creating visual contrast. in some cases the furniture functions as dividing walls, and in others, as partition elements that differentiate the spaces and create interesting paths in the process.

project info:

name: housing interlomas

architects: a-001 taller de arquitectura

lead architect: eduardo gorozpe

project team: arturo olavarrieta, erik ley, gustavo fajardo, mariluz arce

construction: joel betanzos, miguel becerril, agustn pilar

furniture: duhart design, fbrica astilla, blu dot

structural design: fernando calleja

location: estado de mxico

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corrugated concrete towers + verdant patios form student housing by a-001 in mexico - Designboom

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