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Posted: September 18, 2019 at 4:19 pm

Shippers, transportation management solution (TMS)providers, and managed transportation providers (MTP) have now been givenaccess to Convoys automated real-time pricingand capacity for both live and drop-and-hook loads through a suite ofapplication programming interfaces (API) and developer tools called Convoy Now.

Theres been huge demand for this functionality from bothour shippers and from partners like BluJay, DHL and numerous others, explainedRene Miller, Convoy Now product manager. As Convoy has grown and become a coreprovider for many of our shippers, they have asked what unique capabilities wecan bring to their business to improve their logistics efficiency. Third-partylogistics providers (3PLs) and TMS vendors are also receiving these requestsfrom their customers. Numerous shippers are asking for this functionality, andtheyre asking for it in a variety of ways, so we developed Convoy Now.

Convoy offers immediate integrations with BluJay, MercuryGateand One Network. More TMS providers will be added in the future. Convoy Now offersintegration through any solution with its developer tools. Miller toldFreightWaves the company is providing the necessary tools, APIs, resources andexamples and support to help shippers create their integration if they dontuse a TMS provider with which Convoy has an existing relationship.

Shippers also turn to MTPs to help reduce costs and movefreight more efficiently. Integrating Convoys real-time rate API adds adynamic layer of supply within the routing guide to provide the MTP and theircustomers greater control over costs and an up-to-the-minute view of marketconditions, the company explained. The new program also gives shippers accessto the same information Convoy has when it comes to real-time pricing availablein Convoy Go, which is the nationwide drop-and-hookprogram.

Were only making this available through the Convoy Nowintegrations at this point, Miller said. Real-time pricing for drop-and-hookhas historically been a very challenging problem for the industry, so werevery excited to make this available to our customers as it will save time andmoney, while facilities operate more efficiently.

Convoy Go, first launched in 2017 and expanded nationwideearlier this year, offers drop-and-hook freight through Convoys UniversalTrailer Pool of leased trailer assets. Tito Hubert, product lead for Convoy Go,told FreightWaves in April that the average wait time for truckers using ConvoyGo is less than an hour, helping drivers get in and out of facilities quicker,which leads to more time on the road. The addition of automated, real-timepricing to this program under the Convoy Now platform will only enhance thesebenefits, the company believes.

Johann Van Der Westhuizen, vice president of strategicbusiness development at One Network, said the ability for its customers to getreal-time pricing from Convoy directly in their TMS has streamlined the processfor customers to find and book loads at affordable prices.

Shippers using One Network to manage their freight arelooking to simplify their complex supply chains, so we see great value in theefficiencies that Convoy offers our customers, he said.

Ultimately, the addition of Convoy Now is about easing painpoints for shippers, Miller said.

Convoy currently supports integrations for shippers to useour automatic real-time pricing to secure coverage for shipments in the toolsthey use today (e.g., TMS systems), he said. These are the use cases whereshippers gain the most value from by using our integration. As shippers andpartners come up with new ideas on how to use the APIs or integrations, wereopen to collaborating to create new innovative programs to solve the problemstheyre tackling.

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Convoy adds API access to its network for shippers - FreightWaves

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