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Posted: November 17, 2019 at 2:12 pm

In China, cryptocurrency is being discussed as a new means of reward for soldiers who have done a job well. The official newspaper of the Peoples Liberation Army, PLA Daily, is suggesting that the country's soldiers be rewarded in cryptocurrency, should the blockchain technology become successful in the country.

The mouthpiece for China's military proposed a system where blockchain-based tokens are given to soldiers who earn high marks from their teachers in the initial training periods. Soldiers will also potentially earn crypto rewards when they complete certain tasks or if they excel in a given field.

PLA Daily explained:

To award or deduct tokens according to ones daily performance and thus generate an objective assessment would effectively energize the human resource management.

This suggestion from the military comes after an increased interest in blockchain in China over the last month. In October, Chinese President Jinping endorsed blockchain, claiming it could potentially reinvigorate the Chinese economy.

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China planning to reward its soldiers with cryptocurrency - FXStreet

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