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Posted: March 20, 2021 at 3:22 am

Developed and published entirely by a single studio - Computer Lunch, Cell to Singularity is quite a unique game.This is quite an astoundingly ingenious way of blending genres and in fact, it is actually a good mix of gaming with education! The game contains textbook definitions from chemistry and biology and portrays how our cosmos began, and how life was developed.

This is how you make a game thats not only engaging but doesnt drive the player away because of the way the game is monetised. In fact, this particular balancing effect makes this game ridiculously addictive. Cell to Singularity - Evolution Never Ends is basically a clicker game in which you have to chart a rather accurate path of evolution of the human race right from the primordial soup, all the way to terraforming Mars. The visual presentation makes the game an interactive, animated and educational tutorial through the passage of time. The visuals make you feel like you are in-charge of the evolution process - interactive in the sense that the player plays the game and pushes the evolution forward through known paths to get to where we are now. There are research upgrades along the way which make your resource collection easier and the concept of resets allows you to get additional accelerators to speed up your progress even further. While you can buy your way through the game, theres also the option of watching ads to accelerate progress. This way, you can complete the entire game in under a week with ease. The developers make no attempts to hide the addictive nature of the game, its plastered all over the play store. Thankfully, the developers didnt make the grind excruciating as most clicker games tend to last way longer by means of the grind.

While its only recently been introduced to the Play Store, the game has been around on Steam for over a year and the developers seem to regularly add new content. Its basic 3D models, low rendering, no lighting and basic textures make this game one of the lowest-demanding games in terms of hardware. Even though the game offers premium currencies for standard prices, the in-game currency you earn should be enough to provide for everything you might need. Overall, this is how a games monetisation system ought to be designed, and we would recommend you give it a shot.

Publisher: Computer LunchDeveloper: Computer LunchPlatform: Android / iOSPrice: Free

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Cell to Singularity Evolution Never Ends - Digit

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