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Posted: November 30, 2019 at 9:43 am

Art is the spice of life, and Memetics, a nonprofit organization that's dedicated to fostering art in the community, wants to show off this idea on Friday at their artist showcase event Blackout Black Friday.

"Art challenges perception and sparks ideas, and creativity cultivates invention," says Jamie Carpenter, founder and executive director of Memetics Memphis. "It's only through a diverse lens that a community can prosper and grow."

Multiple mediums of art will be included, with a musical lineup that features EDM DJ Brandon Thornburg and instrumentalist, composer, producer, and DJ Odd Wilson, along with visual artists like Jacob Platania, Ex Ossium, Brandon Hodges, and Phvntm Fuego displaying live, installation, and interactive arts. There will also be tarot card readings and a youth activities station.

While it's an eclectic mix of arts, Carpenter says it's important for the community to showcase their talents.

"Art brings us together," she says. "It's the human connection. It's about community finding a purpose beyond our individual selves."

Memetics is hosting this event, along with bake sales and other similar events, to fund their 501(c) filing and to help them throw their next event.

"Our next production, in spring 2020, will focus on arts in local schools and will feature only area youths," says Carpenter. "A school will be chosen at that show for our artists to create a mural."

So as traditional holiday markets swamp your social media feeds, let Memetics show off what Memphis' local arts community has to offer.

Blackout Black Friday, Hi Tone, Friday, November 29th, 7 p.m.-3 a.m., free.

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Celebrate the Arts at Blackout Black Friday - Memphis Flyer

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