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Posted: June 20, 2021 at 12:57 am

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) issued a public notice yesterday, June 16, 2021, asking schools to conduct practical exams for Class 12 students through the online mode. All affiliated schools are permitted to conduct online assessments in terms of practical, project or internal components. Moreover, there shall be no transfer or change of school for the purpose of online practical exams, as the board sees no purpose behind unnecessarily complicating an already difficult situation. Thus, schools shall be conducting online assessments for their own students, keeping all the COVD-19 guidelines in mind.

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Previously, schools were instructed to submit their practical marks to the board authorities. While submitting these marks, some students were marked as Absent (Ab), Covid (C) or Transfer (T). for such students, online facility for uploading marks shall be added in due course of time in the link already provided to schools. Following this, schools shall be able to upload marks data for such students.

The notification issued by authorities also carried certain additional instructions for the schools to follow. The central education board has appointed certain external examiners at some schools for online practical exams. In such schools, the online assessments shall be conducted by those external examiners only. This is a mandatory rule to be followed by all schools under question. Schools have the responsibility to extend all required assistance to external examiners to ensure that online assessments are conducted smoothly.

In some CBSE-affiliated schools, external examiners have not yet been assigned. Under such cases, schools have to follow the procedures prescribed by the Regional Offices to either replace or re-appoint external examiners. Once these examiners are assigned, schools have to send a blank award list to the examiners. Subsequently, after conduction of online assessments, the external examiners have to send the filled-out award list back to the school. Thereafter, the internal assessment is also required to sign this lost before uploading it on the portal. All these formalities have to be completed by June 28, 2021.

On the other hand, as per the reports, CBSE today, June 17, 2021, announced its objective criteria or scoring plan for Class 12 students. Class 10 and 11 performances shall also be taken into consideration while assessing students. The 12-member committee informed the same to the Supreme Court and further clarified that the results shall be announced on or before July 31, 2021.

According to the informed scoring plan, 40 percent weightage shall be given to Class 12 pre-boards. 30 percent weightage shall be given to Class 11 final exams. The remaining 30 percent importance has been assigned to the best-of-three subjects of Class 10. Furthermore, Practical assessments shall be for 100 marks and the same shall be informed to the board by the respected schools.

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CBSE 12th Result 2021: Schools Asked To Hold Practical Exams Online, and Upload Marks by 28 June - AglaSem News

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