Can Psychedelics Treat Bipolar Disorder?

Posted: August 13, 2017 at 2:25 am

Rachaels teenage years were dominated by her addiction to stimulants. It was her fiance at the time who introduced her to psychedelics It was crazy to experience a drug that didnt numb me. Since that first trip, Rachael took psychedelics regularly. After a few years, she had a profound experience that laid out the patterns of behavior that caused much of the pain in her life.

It was then that Rachael realized she needed help for her mental instability. She sought treatment and continued self-medicating with psychedelics to help battle her demons. Now theyre vital to my survival.

Rachaels friends and family were initially skeptical about her use of psychedelics. Many just assumed she was misusing substances again. It was particularly hard to talk to her father, who had helped her recover from her drug addiction. However, she managed to convince people that psychedelics were showing her how to break free of her addictions and showed her that the underlying cause for her substance misuse was an attempt to self medicate a disease she wasnt even aware she had.

Rachael only recently discovered microdosing and was instantly attracted to the idea of psychedelic medicine as an alternative to the prescription medication she was suggested to take. Ive been microdosing for two months now and havent had a severe episode this is unusual for me. Before, Rachael would rely on a high-dose experience every month, which was exhausting. Now, she microdoses 17ug every three days and it reduces her symptoms dramatically. Ive felt generally normal for two months and that hasnt happened to me since I was 12 years old.

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Rachael hopes that more research will be done on the potential of psychedelics for Bipolar Disorders and Personality Disorders. Everyone Ive spoken to with a mental illness is afraid to use psychedelics. If research can show theyre safe and effective, more people would be willing to take the leap. Even if psychedelics take you somewhere dark, I cant see it going somewhere that wont benefit you. They will show you what you need to see, negative or positive.

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Can Psychedelics Treat Bipolar Disorder?

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