Boldly Audition for These Sci-Fi Gigs in Honor of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ – Backstage

Posted: January 27, 2020 at 12:25 am

Photo Source: James Dimmock/CBS

Calling all captains! One of the most beloved characters in the Star Trek franchise, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, has returned to the small screen with the premiere of Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access. If youre ready to head back to the final frontier, theres no reason you have to only watch the sci-fi action and adventure! Check out these science fiction projects casting now and discover a production you can beam onto in a lead or supporting role.

Remember, as Captain Picard once said, things are only impossible until they are not.

BETALogic Film Company is searching for its two leads for an upcoming sci-fi short film. The titular character is a robot built with artificial intelligence by a young man named Byron. Things go awry when Byron realizes Beta does not feel for him how he feels for her. The production is looking for female talent, aged 2133, to play Beta and male talent, aged 2139, to play Byron. Rehearsals and filming begin this spring in Bakersfield, CA. Travel, lodging, and food are included. Pay is TBD. Apply here!

BLACK BOXThis sci-fi fiction podcast series, modeled after the hit TV show Stranger Things, is casting leads and supporting roles. The production needs both male and female talent, aged 1325 but believably sounding aged 1315, as well as male and female talent, aged 2545, for lead roles. Talent, aged 3050, is wanted for a supporting role. Recording begins in late February in Los Angeles, CA. Pay is $150+ per day. Apply here!

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VINTAGE RADIO SHOW STYLE PODCASTThis vintage radio show style podcast takes place in the retro-futuristic 1950s. The Planetary Broadcast focuses on a space crew sent on an interplanetary rescue mission as they encounter aliens and other intergalactic characters. The podcast is looking for female talent, aged 2030, female talent, aged 3550, male talent, aged 2135, and more. Recording begins in late January in Los Angeles with compensation set at $75 per hour. Apply here!

DARK CYCLEA science fiction feature-length film with a spooky twist is looking for two supporting characters. Dark Cycle tells the story of an extraterrestrial beauty company that harvests young women for life extension purposes. Male talent, aged 1839, and female talent, aged 1828, is wanted. Filming dates are TBD in Los Angeles, CA. Pay and meals will be provided. Apply here!

BROADCASTA Rhode Island-based independent film company is casting talent for an upcoming sci-fi feature film. While male talent, aged 3045, white male talent, aged 3550, Latina or Hispanic female talent, aged 1723, and more are wanted. Filming will take place in Rhode Island and New England. Pay is TBD. Apply here!

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FOREVERThis sci-fi musical is a love story between two people who can fly. The production is looking for white female talent, aged 1828, male stunt talent, aged 1845, martial artists, aged 1850, and more. Rehearsals will take place in Hollywood, CA with filming in Los Angeles. Talent will be paid. Apply here!

TARTARUSShort film Tartarus follows Vitus Alexiyev, a spaceship captain whose ship crashes on another planet and leaves him stranded without a crew. The production is looking for its two leads: Alexiyev for white male talent, aged 3040, and Grigory Luschenko for white male talent, aged 2530. Filming in London will run from April 1420. Talent will be paid 30 per day. Apply here!

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Boldly Audition for These Sci-Fi Gigs in Honor of 'Star Trek: Picard' - Backstage

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