Bloodied stab victim collapsed on Texaco garage floor while the other ‘bought beer and energy drinks’ – Daily Post

Posted: October 27, 2019 at 2:55 pm

The boss of a petrol station has spoken of how two bloodied stab victims took refuge in his store before one collapsed with serious injuries .

Sandosh Nandakumar, who manages the Texaco garage on Sealand Road, said the victims of a stabbing in Garden City , Flintshire, drove to his garage before one called out for an ambulance.

He then collapsed on the floor - while the other bought beers and energy drinks.

Mr Nandakumar said: "At exactly 8.54pm a car pulled into our site and they stopped near the air machine with their side lights on.

"One guy was on the passenger side and the other guy was driving.

"They both got out from the car and while they were coming in the guy who was driving the car was asking the passenger 'there's no need to go inside' and that he would take him to hospital.

"The guy who was seriously injured he came inside and he asked the staff to call for an ambulance and then he just fell on the floor."

Mr Nandakumar said both had injuries to their faces but at first his staff were not sure whether the pair might just be drunk.

He said: "His friend had minor injuries and was bleeding from the side of his head and he was trying to lift his other friend who was bleeding all over the floor.

"He was telling him he will take him to the hospital and while this was happening he also bought beers and red bull for some reason.

"When the staff saw all the blood which was coming out from his stomach he dialled 999 and he called for an ambulance and for the police as well. "

Mr Nandakumar said police officers arrived and closed the shop immediately while the man was taken to hospital.

He added: "The police were talking to the guy who was seriously injured and he was telling them something about 'some black guy stabbed me', he was telling them something like that.

"It was closed until around 3am after the police left and none of the staff were allowed to leave until then.

"CSI came at around 12am."

Mr Nandakumar said the incident had been "very traumatic" for his staff.

North Wales Police are appealing for information following the incident, which took place near the entrance to Corus Steel in Garden City .

They said one of the victims sustained serious stab wounds and is currently being treated in hospital.

Two suspects, described as black males, made off on foot.

Detective Chief Inspector Gary Kelly said: "This was a violent incident in which a man has suffered serious injuries.

"Our investigation is at an early stage and I am appealing for any witnesses or anyone with information to come forward.

"The public will see an increased police activity in the area as we carry out our enquiries."

Anyone with information has been asked to contact police on 101, quoting reference X153525.

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Bloodied stab victim collapsed on Texaco garage floor while the other 'bought beer and energy drinks' - Daily Post

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