Posted: September 29, 2016 at 11:49 am

Jonathan Robinson has made a career of uncovering hacks that increase happiness & bliss in peoples lives. We introduced him to the concept of neurohacking and gave him some Qualia to try. He liked it so much, hes added it to his morning protocol. Below are a... Supplement Police is a rank and review nutritional supplement website. They base their reviews off 6 elements they believe will tell you whether the product youre searching for will be a worthwhile investment. Theyve taken the time to review Qualia, and were... Thaddeus and Chris at ERISFIT are consummate biohackers. They focus on how they can modify their nutrition, exercise, sleep, movement, and mindset to maximize performance and achieve greater levels of wellbeing. Their goal is to bring these tools and practices into... In a previous post, we discussed the value of nootropics as a tool in the neurohackers toolbox. They can help get us dialed in with laser focus and get things done. They can aid with concentration, learning, and memory. But productivity isnt the only context for the... Lets face it as anyone who is paying attention knows, we humans are in a bit of an emergence through emergency scenario. Every day the people and institutions that we used to be able to rely on are falling apart; failing to do even a little part of their... Neurohacking is all about using the right tool for the job. While racetams and transcranial stimulators more directly interface with our brain and neurochemistry, there are other less obvious ways to impact our psychological well-being and subjective experience.... Nootropics. You might have heard of them. The limitless pill that keeps Billionaires richer than you. The smart drugs that students are taking to help jack up their hyperfocus (Vice). The cognitive enhancers that give corporate executives an unfair advantage.... The term hacker has its origins in computer programming subcultures from the 60s, and was used to describe people who wanted to take on hard problems in a spirit of playful exploration and a resistance to unearned authority. Although the methods, means and...

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