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Posted: March 31, 2021 at 4:26 am

After reviewing hundreds of online bingo sites weve come to realize that most of them are old, boring, and getting paid your winnings can be a nightmare.

But dont give up just yet because there are some genuinely good sites out there worth joining.

So, if youre looking for a new bingo home thats fun, friendly, and will actually pay out your winnings when then check out our list of the top 5 best online bingo sites below!

Why did these sites make it to the top 5?

Carry on reading to find out!

At number one on our list of the best online bingo sites, we have Tombola!

First of all, we love the unique design.

And heres a picture of one of tombolas most popular games Paper Bingo.

Many online bingo sites share the same software and player pool so they all look and feel the same.

But tombola decided to build their site from the ground up, so it has a unique look and feel that you wont find anywhere else.

We love the pastel-coloured theme and think it feels nostalgic and easy on the eye.

tombola call themselves Britains Biggest Bingo Site and for good reason with more than 15,000 players online during peak hours.

But dont worry!

Even though there are so many players online there are lots of rooms to play in so it doesnt feel overcrowded and it doesnt feel like the same players are winning all the time.

With so many registered players, tombola pay-out more than 8 MILLION pounds every week!

To make sure that bingo doesnt become a problem for you tombola offer some of the best safeplay tools in the industry.

Theyre also known for their fast pay-out and withdrawal times so if you do win then you can rest easy knowing youll be paid your winnings quickly.

They also have one of the best support teams of any online bingo site and theres always someone available to help if you need assistance via email, phone, or live chat.

If you like to play bingo on your mobile then youll love the Tombola mobile app!

Its available on kindle, Apple, and Android smartphones.

As well as the usual 50, 60,75 and 90 ball games youll find lots of exclusive bingo games at Tombola that have their own unique twists like:

Bingo 75 Shapes: A shape is determined before the game starts and the first player to mark off all the numbers within that shape wins the game.

Cinco: This game uses playing cards instead of numbers. If your hand is called within 7 cards, then you could win a jackpot of up to 20,000!

Blocks: You have 36 coloured blocks. Clear all 6 of the same colour to win the block prize. Clear your block in 10 calls or less and you will win the jackpot too!

Bingo Roulette: This game is played on a roulette board. Whatever the ball lands on is the number called. Clear your ticket in 10 spins or less to win the jackpot!

Picture Bingo Roulette: This new and super fun game is played with pictures instead of numbers. We love the sound effects and think it provides an exciting and fresh new twist to online bingo.

The Machine: With this game, your ticket is transformed into a cog. Match all 8 numbers on the silver cog to win the silver prize and match all 12 numbers on the gold cog to win the gold prize.

Potion: At the start of the game 3 potion recipes are written on scrolls. To win the prize you need to collect magical ingredients to make the potions!

As well as bingo, tombola also offers an amazing selection of unique and exclusive arcade games where you can win real money.

Like Drop which is a bit like Tetris where the blocks drop down and you have to try and clear the board.

They also have Hamster Race too!

Because of tombolas amazing selection of bingo games, friendly community, and fast pay-out times they are very popular among the online bingo community.

Zoe Caroline says shes won quite a lot on tombola and likes that they have fast withdrawal times and helpful live chat!

Danielle absolutely loves Tombola. Seeing as she won 1,700 last year and another 750 this year, we dont blame her!

And Mandy Allsop won 2,870 on Tombola just before Christmas!

With its unique design, exclusive games, warm community, and massive jackpots we think that tombola is one of the best online bingo sites there is.

tombola also has a very generous 200% sign up bonus available here which means if you deposit 25 you get to play with 75! (The minimum deposit is 10)

At number 2 on our list of the best bingo sites, we have Gala Bingo.

Youve probably already heard about Gala Bingo as theyre a household name with millions of registered members.

Gala Bingo offer up a whopping 47 different bingo games online so theres always a game running to keep you entertained.

The site is smooth and easy to navigate, and they have a really nice mobile app.

Here are the next 5 games about to run inside the members area.

Heres a quick rundown of some of the fun games you can play at Gala Bingo:

We think that Gala Bingo has a great selection of games with plenty of exclusives and there is something for everyone. They even have penny bingo!

At Gala Bingo the games are fun and friendly, and the site is easy to navigate.

You can easily see all the upcoming games and prizes.

We also like that you can add games to your favourites so you can easily find them again in the future.

And you can sort games based on time, prize, players, and jackpot.

And there are some big jackpots on offer.

In the All Sorts room, theres a jackpot right now of 88,718.88 waiting to be won!

Dana says shes been with Gala for more than 11 years and never has any problems, they always pay-out and have a large selection of games.

Deneil deposited 10 and won 106!

And Ash says that they won 300 and it was in their bank account in a couple of days. They think its a great site!

With its lovely design, great selection of bingo games to play, and welcoming community we would recommend joining Gala Bingo.

Plus, if you sign up here and deposit 10 they will give you a 60 bonus to play with!

At number 3 on our list of the best online bingo sites we have Sun Bingo which is owned by Britains biggest newspaper The Sun.

Sun Bingo offers an exciting selection of bingo games to play and a fun and friendly community to play and chat with.

They also have lots of nice jackpots and promotions running which means that when you do win, you could win big!

They also have a fresh and easy-to-use mobile app that has a 4.6-star rating with over 700 reviews so you can play bingo on the go!

Sun Bingo offer an enticing selection of 90, 80, 75, 50, and 36 ball bingo games as well as some exclusives and even a free bingo room called the learners room!

They also have session bingo where you can book a session of games all at once and the ability to pre-book games for later!

The lobby is easy to navigate and you can quickly see all the upcoming games, players, prizes, and jackpots on offer.

Here are some of the games youll find at Sun Bingo:

At the end of this 90-ball bingo game, the winner will play the arena of the gods feature where 9 gold coins will appear and you have to turn them over to reveal a God or Goddess.

A prize is determined when 3 of the same Gods/Goddesses are matched.

Match 3 of:

All players in the room will see the feature play out!

Sun Bingo offer a great selection of promotions.

See more of these juicy promos on the official Sun Bingo website here.

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Best Online Bingo Sites (2021) The Top 5 Sites We Love - Observer

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