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Posted: February 27, 2020 at 2:27 am

Plurnt up, Chicago! From glovin to shufflin and everything in between, rave in some of the greatest EDM clubs in Chicago. Kandi Kids and Rave Bunnies unite for the nights that never quit!

This bi-level River North bar is a staple for EDM aficionados as well as fashion-forward Chicagoans and visitors alike. Imagine youre in a dark space, with loud music, beats, and then occasional flashes of lights in a show. Its as if youre in a literal soundbar, which is partially true. Enter: River Norths Sound-Bar. The first level, or main stage, is for electronic music come here for acclaimed DJs. If EDM isnt your groups favorite music genre, send them downstairs to the second floor, which focuses more on throwbacks and hip-hop tunes and remixes. Sound-Bar brings a whole new level to the going-out experience in Chicago, such that youll feel like youre at Spring Awakening (just inside!).

Basements have never been so elevated! Take your evening to new heights at Spybar. Find yourself in the beats and lose yourself in the lights while you dance the night away. Spybar is the ultimate lounge and bar for connoisseurs prog, trance, and house music. Order a strong drink, watch the lights, and en-trance yourself into a melodic evening.

Do you like to stay up until the wee hours of the morning dancing to the drop and the bright lights? How does 5 am sound? Get your PLUR on at smartbar in Wrigleyville. smartbar brings a lot to the dance floor for you and friends- including a disco ball, lights, and national/international DJs. With a capacity of 400 dancers and fist-pumpers alike, smartbar pairs the beats with strong drinks and reasonably priced shows (free on Thursdays, $15 after midnight on weekends). Be smart about your night in Wrigley: skip the snapback and go to smartbar.

Three cocktail bars, two dance floors, one unforgettable evening *cue the beat drop.* Home to Pretty in Pink on Wednesday evenings and host to famous DJs (Louis the Child, for one), Prysm Nightclub brings an edgy flair to the edge of Chicagos quaint, Kingsbury Street. Also, they have lasers so be prepared for an unrealistically bright evening. Keep up the tempo and drops going if you can until 5 am on Saturdays.

*Note: Be sure to follow the dress code!

Above a famed country-style establishment in River North, is Tunnel (ironically not in the basement). Go up the stairs and follow your hearts true desire: beat drops and LED lights. Tunnel has created a high-energy atmosphere thats even, gasp, sultry. Complete with massive tufted-lounge seating and intricate light fixtures (that sync up to the beat!), Tunnel harnesses the musics energy and inspires dancers, shufflers, and light enthusiasts to get PLURNT!

Heres to your evening full of PLUR, kandi, and lights!

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