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Posted: December 18, 2019 at 8:56 pm

This isnt a first, but I think it will be the first conviction:

The GIF set off a highly unusual court battle that is expected to equip those in similar circumstances with a new tool for battling threatening trolls and cyberbullies. On Monday, the man who sent Eichenwald the moving image, John Rayne Rivello, was set to appear in a Dallas County district court. A last-minute rescheduling delayed the proceeding until Jan. 31, but Rivello is still expected to plead guilty to aggravated assault. And he may be the first of many.

The Epilepsy Foundation announced on Monday it lodged a sweeping slate of criminal complaints against a legion of copycats who targeted people with epilepsy and sent them an onslaught of strobe GIFs a frightening phenomenon that unfolded in a short period of time during the organizations marking of National Epilepsy Awareness Month in November.

Rivellos supporters among them, neo-Nazis and white nationalists, including Richard Spencer have also argued that the issue is about freedom of speech. But in an amicus brief to the criminal case, the First Amendment Clinic at Duke University School of Law argued Rivellos actions were not constitutionally protected.

A brawler who tattoos a message onto his knuckles does not throw every punch with the weight of First Amendment protection behind him, the brief stated. Conduct like this does not constitute speech, nor should it. A deliberate attempt to cause physical injury to someone does not come close to the expression which the First Amendment is designed to protect.

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Attacker Causes Epileptic Seizure over the Internet - Security Boulevard

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