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Posted: May 27, 2021 at 8:09 am

An immersive storytelling company with an international reach and some animated films on its belt, new local company Moti aims to offer content and 5D events that can help people not to escape reality but to experience it fully, founder and CEO, Pak Chau, told Macau News Agency in an interview.

Founded with an initial MOP3 million (US$375,234) investment, Moti has so far produced two animated shorts, Whats There and Pursuit of Heaven, with Pak pointing to many more on the way produced by an international team and some local talents.

As great as Macau is, it is not a representation of humanity as a whole. So to do this we have created a borderless, international team. For example, our animation director is from India, our lead writer is from the US, and our lead visual artist is from Montenegro, Pak tells MNA.

Over the course of only one year, we have worked with over 200 people from over 20 different countries. Some of our people are full time, some of them are part-time, and some of them work on a project by project basis. We are interested in acquiring the best talent the world has to offer, and the internet is just filled to the brim with inspired, hungry talent.

Founded in January of this year and officially launched in an event in May, Motis founders include Pak Chau and Ray Yang, with Mathew Tsang as its COO.

The two young founders CV already includes roles in several startup projects, with Yang previously the COO at WOW Talents and with Pak involved in at least five consumer tech startups.

Pak recalled how he started his first company at 17, eventually selling for MOP14 million before he had even graduated high school, later founding Oction, Gamico, and Breakthrough Innovation Labs, as well.

None of these are still in operation. One thing I want to make very clear is that Moti is my final company. Im pouring my heart and my soul into this because nothing has ever felt more right in my life and thats how much I believe in this. Im playing chicken with destiny because I know with every fibre of my being that this is it. This is how its supposed to be, he states.

Although its previous main focus was on tech, Motis main business model will be centred on storytelling products, in a multiple medium approach similar to the one employed by animation behemoth Disney.

Look at a company like Disney, utilizing different forms of storytelling media to transform their stories into different business models so that they can keep doing it in a sustainable format that can immerse you in the full Disney experience. The selection of storytelling avenues we have before us is immense: movies, television series, music, free content where you can have advertisers and membershipsyou name it, he adds.

However, the founder points out Moti will differ on its ethos, since while Disney is about creating happiness, Moti is about inspiring perspectives so that people can be opened up to the holistic nature of life.

To not escape reality, but to experience it fully. This is where we are vastly different, he underlines.

The young entrepreneur indicates the company has had already begun production of an animated anthology series called Koan, which explores existential concepts and already released three music singles, Fuse, Lessons, and Centered,with a series of animated poems also in the pipeline.

The company has also partnered with some gaming concessionaires and companies, including MGM, Suncity, and Melco with Pak noting the company intends to use some of the companies many venues for large 5D events.

We will also make documentaries about the lives and stories of the people who work for these brands that form their very backbone, he adds.

Even before its official launch ceremony, Moti had already announced an immersive storytelling event named Moti Talk: The Search for Utopia described by its organisers as a 5D storytelling experience, where attendees would be able to able to not only see and hear, but touch, smell, and fully experience the event.

Moti Talk will feature inspiring content, talk and multimedia with a line-up including the junket and hotel businessman; Hong Kong actor and singer Dicky Cheung Wai-kin, professional swimmer and singer Alex FongChung-sun, and Taiwanese actress Annie Liu Xin-you.

Initially set to be held at Studio City this year, the event is now scheduled for the Spring of 2022.

Our criteria for who we chose was that they are storytellers that represent human values that are inherent within us as a species. The Search for Utopia goes as follows: Ignition, Separation, Perspective, Search, and Home,thefounderindicates.

Ignition, will include Alex Fong who swam for 11 hours around Hong Kong Island. 43 kilometers. He did that as a true manifestation of someone who traveled into the dangerous unknown.

Meanwhile, Annie Liu will speak for the Separation theme having left her home in Taiwan to start a new life in Hong Kong and forced to basically rebuild herself from the ground up to find her new identity, with Ruby Lou sharing her experience as a single mother raising a child with severe autism in Perspective.

Yet she is so enormously grateful for having him in her life, and her life is all the more beautiful by him being such a key part in it.

Meanwhile, Dicky Cheung a world-renowned artist[] extremely gifted actor and singer and now motivational speaker will discuss his journey to find his true calling in Search,while businessman Alvin Chau Paks father will hold a talk named as what he represents to the founder, Home.

According to Pak, the MotiTalk experience will look to engage all the senses, via different multimedia tools.

For example Alex Fong. When he is telling his story, we want to transform the entire arena into an underwater world where you can smell the ocean and feel the cool breeze, with lighting and projections that give you the sense of being underwater, he states.

The company also includes a large list of advisors that include the Chairman Of Anzac Group Company Limited and Director Of Tai Fung Bank Company Limited, Kevin Ho; the CEO Of Sun Entertainment Limited, Jones Chong Cho Lam and the Founder Of Flash Forward Entertainment, Patrick Huang.

The advisor roster also includes several storytelling advisors with backgrounds as diverse as known local MC, Jose Chan Rodrigues and Neuro-Linguistic Programming expert, Lee Sheng Wah, and a creative and production team counting with film director Jack Lam and music director Elliott Leung.

We have a core team of very experienced individuals, such as Jones Lam and Kevin Ho, who have a deep understanding of the market and society as a whole. Its only once youre fully grounded that you have the courage to blast off into outer space, and this team of very knowledgeable advisors enable us to have the unlimited creative freedom that we see not as a luxury, but as a necessity, Pak adds.

In the end, Pak underlines Motis work will be done if it achieves one of its main mottos, to help anyone in Macau (or the world) discover its inner utopia by something as simple as telling a story.


Animation, storytelling, music and 5D events the main avenues of startup Moti towards our inner utopia CEO - Macau Business

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