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Posted: August 20, 2020 at 6:06 pm

An array of characters in American Horror Story have had the power of immortality or extended lifehere's a breakdown of those notable figures.

An array of characters in American Horror Story have had the power of immortality. The series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk loves to mix a form of reality with some of the world's biggest folklores, fears, and spiritual beliefs. In doing so, the horror anthology features a ton of supernatural elements including monsters, ghosts, and dark entities. Some of the most dangerous figures, however, are humans and their penchant for death and destruction. By creating a fictional universe, American Horror Story made its own rules when it comes tothe characters, especially as it involves a typical lifespan.

Whereas Murder House dove into the world of hauntings and ghosts, Asylum took it up a notch with the presence of angels, serial killers, and aliens. Coven focused on witches, including their powers in contrast to voodoo and black magic. The season heavily focused on the topic of immortality which didn't come back up until season 5, Hotel. The topic was once again involved in Roanoke and Apocalypse, thanks to the presence of ancient figures.

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It will be interesting to see what other immortal figures are introduced in the future of American Horror Story. The series is gearing up to debut season 10 in 2021, and at least two more seasons are on the way. Considering many new seasons like to bring back old figures, the immortality factor makes this even more plausible. For now, here's every known immortal character in the series.

Papa Legba was the first god-like figure introduced in American Horror Story. The ancient voodoo spirit in Coven served as the Gatekeeper to the spirit world, which is also the loa's history in traditional Haitian lore. Despite being immortal himself, the figure had the gift of giving others the extension of life. Roanoke also referenced the Old Gods, dark deities with special powers that could grant others with immortality. The Blood Moon was a symbol of their everlasting presence.

Asylum's Shachath was known as the Angel of Death due to the fact that she could grant a human's wish for death with just one kiss. As an angel, she was immune to aging or death, meaning that she herself was immortal. The season also featured Satan, aka The Devil, an immortal entity that had the powers of possession. The dangerous being wound up feeding on the negative energy in Murder House. Satan was then able to create the Antichrist in Michael Langdon. As the antagonist of Apocalypse, the Antichrist was the essence of all evil, in addition to being a demon-human immortal hybrid. Through Mallory's use of time travel, Michael's transformation into the Antichrist was put to a stop. A mysterious creature referred to as the Addiction Demon was also known to haunt the Hotel Cortez in season 5.

Certain witches were granted immortality through the use of black magic as seen in Coven and Roanoke. Coven's Voodoo Priestess Marie Laveau was granted the gift by Papa Legba in exchange for the sacrifice of an innocent soul each year. In Roanoke,Scthach, the original Supreme witch, performed a human sacrifice to the Old Gods each year during the Blood Moon. Refusal of these sacrifices would revoke their powers of immortality.

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Hotel featured a new type of immortal characters through the existence of vampires or those afflicted by a blood virus. Countess Elizabeth was one of the most notable figures after being turned into a vampire in 1927. Other characters to be turned included Bartholomew, Ramona Royale, Donovan, Iris, Tristan, Holden Lowe, and Alex Lowe. The vampires must stay on a diet of fresh human blood, which gave them eternal lifespans. Despite the power, they could still be killed like a normalhuman.

American Horror Story's third season, Coven, featured two key human characters that became immortal. There was Bastien, the lover of Marie Laveau and a slave of the LaLaurie family. After one of the LaLaurie daughters claimed she was raped, Bastien was beaten and killed with a hollowed bull's head put over his own head. Marie tried to cure him, but in doing so, he became an immortal Minotaur. In an act of revenge, Marie granted Delphine LaLaurie immortality as well, but after doing so, she buried the woman where she was trapped for centuries.

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