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American Horror Story has featured a number of different Supremes so far. Here's every character who took on the role as the lead witch of the coven.

A handful of major characters emerged as the Supreme witch in American Horror Story. The title is given to the leader of the descendants of the Salem witches and is meant to be the living embodiment of magic. The role of Supreme was primarily in the focus of American Horror Story season 3, Coven, but the topic returned on a few other occasions. Series creator Ryan Murphy has been keen on using the presence of witches in the horror anthology and has plans to bring back their presence in the future.

In order to determine a Supreme, the witch must pass all seven stepsof the Seven Wonders test. The elements includeTelekinesis, Divination, Transmutation, Pyrokinesis, Concilium, Descensum, and Vitalum Vitalis. Only witches that master all seven sections can become the Supreme. The test is very dangerous and has been known to cause death for those who attempt the Seven Wonders.

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Even though being Supreme involves many benefits, it doesn't last forever. The role will pass from generation to generation, meaning when a new witch comes to power, the current Supreme will start to lose her strength. The next Supreme can't take over until the previous leader has passed away. Here's every character who took on the role of Supreme in American Horror Story.

Scthach served as an immortal witch and the original Supreme according to American Horror Story lore. The character was introduced in season 6, Roanoke, and was primarily portrayed by Lady Gaga through the reenactments onMy Roanoke Nightmare.Adescendant from the Druids,Scthach sailed to the British colonies during the 14th century. When the ship arrived, she was one of the only survivors, leading British soldiers to believe she was a witch. They imprisoned Scthach with the plans to burn her at the stake. With the help of Pagan gods,Scthach received the powers to massacre the soldiers before gaining followers in exchange for their souls, including Thomasin White, aka "The Butcher".

As the first-ever Supreme,Scthach was highly skilled in all elements of the Seven Wonders. She was also presented as one of the most powerful witches in history. Not only did she have immortality, but she also held rare magical abilities.Scthach partook in black magic and would often sacrifice humans for various rituals. What made her so different was the fact that she wasn't born a witch, she obtained powers through worship.

Scthach may have been the original Supreme, but Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange) served as the first major character to take on the role in the series. When viewers were introduced toMiss Robichaux's Academyin Coven, Fiona was the current leader of the descendants of Salem. It was later revealed that Fiona killed the previous Supreme for doubting her worth in the coven. Rather than look out for her fellow witches, Fiona was more focused on finding immortality. She was obsessed with youth and feared the fact that one of the young students would soon emerge to take her place. Fiona tried to mentor the girls as a way to gauge who would threaten her role. When she got cancer, Fiona became desperate but there were no options left. Papa Legba, the Gatekeeper to the Spirit World, wouldn't give her immortality because she didn't have a soul to offer in exchange. Fiona eventually died from her illness, sending her to her personal hell.

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Cordelia Goode (Sarah Paulson) was Fiona's only child and the headmistress ofMiss Robichaux's Academy in Coven. Unlike her mother, Cordelia had an interest in teaching the students and protecting the future of the witches. She and Fiona had a strained relationship due to their opposing viewpoints. Fiona also felt that her power started to wane since the moment Cordelia was born, adding to the animosity. Cordelia struggled with her potential but when the opportunity arose, she took part in the Seven Wonders test. The witch wound up passing each section and became the new Supreme when her mother passed away.

Cordelia was still the reigning Supreme in season 8, Apocalypse, and helped lead the charge against Michael Langdon, the Antichrist. After he successfully resurrected some of her fallen witches, she felt her powers diminishing. Cordelia reluctantly allowed Michael to take the Seven Wonders to see if he emerged as "the Alpha," the male equivalent of the Supreme. He passed but she subsequently had a vision of the forthcoming apocalyptic events. She orchestrated a plan that would pay off in the future. In doing so, Cordelia sacrificed herself and allowed a younger witch to gain the power to travel back in time to prevent Michael's rise of power. With the change in the timeline, it's presumed that Cordelia is still serving as the Supreme in the American Horror Story universe.

Mallory (Billie Lourd) was a newcomer atMiss Robichaux's Academy in Apocalypse. From the very beginning, it was clear that Mallory had a lot of potential as a witch. In fact, it was insinuated that Cordelia was losing some of her powers because Mallory was emerging as the next Supreme. Cordelia also recognized the strength of Mallory's powers so she put the young witch under an identity to protect her during the coming apocalypse. Mallory was sent to Outpost 3 where she was later reunited with Cordelia and some of her other coven members. Having already passed all elements of the Seven Wonders, Mallory became the Supreme when Cordelia sacrificed herself during Michael's attack. Mallory thenperformedTempus Infinitum, traveling back to 2015 so she could kill Michael before he obtained powers. After succeding she restored the timeline, saving many of the witches that were previously killed, including Cordelia.

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