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Posted: March 24, 2020 at 5:53 am

(Contains no "spoils") I was curious about James McEvoy & looked at some movies & trailers. Decided on TRANCE & very, very happy with choice!!!

I had anticipated more of an action/thriller, but TRANCE is even better...more of a psychological suspense!!! The plot "almost" revolves around an art heist, but, don't think..."oh, another 'art heist caper' film", because it's very far from that. The art heist itself could almost be another character.

The writing and performances are all masterful! James McAvoy is the magnetic lead, playing Simon, who stole the painting (I'm not giving anything away here), received a fierce blow to the head from Frank, a wicked bad-ass, very well done by Vincent Cassei, which results in Simon losing his memory of what he did with the painting. Giving a bewitching & captivating performance is Rosario Dawson, playing the hypnotherapist Simon is brought to, in order to try hypnotherapy to coax & recover his memory, and, therefore, the painting....

This is where TRANCE really begins playing with viewers' minds, teasing and tantalizing us with each step Simon takes!!! Here's what TRANCE'S plot is really all about...memories: real, "suggested" perhaps even false memories & suppressed memory. This recipe proves deliciously entertaining!!! For we're taken along on a twisting, turning, taunting, engrossing ride of what's real & what's imagined!!! While it may sound extremely confusing, the brilliant writer(s) of TRANCE and the director, Danny Boyle, "almost" answer one question at a time during each new scene as it unfolds...(or do they)?!

TRANCE builds & builds the suspense throughout the film, culminating in an invigorating thrill throughout, tying it all together neatly & very satisfyingly for the viewer. TRANCE is everything & more a psychological suspense should be and it's exceptional!!

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