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Posted: February 27, 2020 at 12:59 am

Every generation has its heroes. Who the heroes are is determined by the world that the generation grows up in and that is why for this generation, our definitive hero is none other than Takeshi Kovacs.

As a show, 'Altered Carbon' is a revelation. Sure, the original novels may have been written in the early 2000s but the core concept, a world where immortality is no longer just a fantasy, is one that's still pretty unique in the realm of science fiction.

The way the show bends our preconceived notions of mind, body and society as a whole is truly mindboggling but the point of it all is something far deeper. The show projects a world drastically different from our own and then uses this alien landscape to showcase the most human of foibles.

In 'Altered Carbon', most of the things that divide humanity today, like race or gender, are outdated concepts. But despite the fact that humanity has a chance to become something so much better, 'Altered Carbon' is still a dystopian show. The one divider that never goes away economic status still manages to find a way to twist the gift of immortality and turn it into something horrendous.

For a generation that's growing up in a world under constant threat of collapse due to unchecked economic expansion, the world of 'Altered Carbon' is not alien at all. But political angles aside, it's the hero himself who concerns us and he's a real piece of work.

Whether played by Joel Kinnaman or Anthony Mackie or whoever steps into the role next, Takeshi Kovacs is a broken man who surrounds himself with other broken people. He's not perfect in any sense of the word but it is his imperfection that makes him so very human and relatable.

Much like the people who watch him on screen, Tak finds himself in a world that's dark, strange and hostile. But he still finds a way to try and help people, to do the right thing.

We don't know yet if Netflix plans on continuing 'Altered Carbon' after Season 2 though we really hope they do. This show, much like 'Doctor Who', has the potential to go on for decades thanks to the lead role not requiring a particular actor. But whatever future might await him, we're sure Takeshi Kovacs will find a way to impress us over and over again.

After all, he is an Envoy and he takes what's offered.

'Altered Carbon' Season 2 will be releasing on Netflix on February 27.

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'Altered Carbon': Takeshi Kovacs is the definitive and imperfect sci-fi hero of this generation - MEAWW

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