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Posted: June 20, 2020 at 10:00 am

To explain how this came about, quantum computing, based on quantum physics, has created a theory of the existence of parallel universes. In a separate parallel universe, one could have a coin that is a head, and in another, separate parallel universe, the coin could be a tail. I have just shown the way in which artificial intelligence theory is going today and where it is going.

Add to that the fact that all this is taking place in a computer that looks like a fantastic chandelier that is making its way through the universe, creating a universe that is much more complex than you could probably imagine. When a fateful decision is made in this universe, it takes an alternative path to the other universe. A reality that has been brought into reality by a random event, where it takes place just like ours.

While the scientific establishment has reservations about multiverse theory to say the least, it is one of the most popular theories in the field of known quantum physics. According to this theory, the universe is split into two universes that exist simultaneously, or multiverses, because quantum phenomena can be played out simultaneously in two different universes, just as they are in our universe.

Moreover, quantum physics has given us a description of the universe of multiple universes that makes no sense from the perspective of objective reality and requires observation of consciousness. This sometimes unbelievable realisation contradicts common sense, since consciousness is tantamount to logging into a system. On the contrary, the most important thing in life is that we live in a video game and not in physical reality. Life is a small thing on the scale of our universe, but it is a very important thing in the grand scheme of things.

Eastern traditions, especially the Buddhist tradition, have long maintained that we live in a world of illusions and go through multiple lives, trying to work our way through individual quests in which we save a rendered world. We are part of a gigantic system that creates new situations in which we can achieve our achievements, and we live in this world with illusions.

One remarkable idea is known as the "many-world interpretation" of quantum mechanics, and this interpretation is as valid as any other. In this universe, only one result can occur, but every result that is possible actually happens. With an infinite number of parallel universes, we must consider all these possibilities.

The second place where parallel universes arise in physics is the idea of the multiverse. The Multiverse idea explains this problem simply by the fact that dead universes can coexist in the same universe, but only in one of them.

Universes are special in that life is possible in them, but in Buddhism we have a contradictory philosophy that the universe is timeless. Universes had a big bang, and it took place in all the other universes, and quickly collapsed into a "big crunch," and they immediately went into the big freeze, where the temperature was so cold that life could never begin. So, both in the multiverse and in the universe, many of them are actually dead.

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