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Posted: December 29, 2019 at 11:43 pm

Founded in 2005 by the legends Above & Beyond and James Grant, Anjunadeep has been home to some of the best deep progressive trance songs and a lighthouse for upcoming talent, becoming the ultimate platform for this genre. Now, few days away from closing down the decade, the London-based label is following up the Best of Anjunadeep 2009-2019 playlist, with a special Best of 2019 mix.

For their 284th episode, Anjunadeep has released this very special Best of 2019 mix on their weekly The Anjunadeep Edition radio show featuring the labels favourite and finest tracks of the year. Several styles and sounds from plenty of different artists can be appreciated throughout this extended 9-hour long mix. To know to what extent this label is diverse and gives visibility and relevance to talent, this mix only includes one track from the label founders Above & Beyond, which in fact is not even their original track, as it is theSimon Dotyoutro edit of the trios recent track Dont Leave.

It compiles tracks from mixes by the best and most renowned deep artists of the year in the 228th (by Luttrell), 244th (by Marsh), 248th (by Lane 8), 262nd (by the mentioned Simon Doty) and 265th (by co-founder James Grant) episodes of the radio show. This compilation simply takes you to an electronic music journey, where you can really note the diversity in production style and choice of elements by the artists featured on the mix. However, the most impressive thing overall, is the high quality level of the artists and their amazing musical outcomes.

Reaching this point, a big heads up must be for the Anjunadeep A&R team that has displayed an amazing work getting and retaining this big amount of qualified talented producers. Hopefully, this next decade will be filled once more with massive Anjunadeep tunes.

Listen to The Anjunadeep Edition 284: Best of 2019 mix below:

Continued here:

Above & Beyond's Anjunadeep wraps up the decade with 'Best of 2019' mix - We Rave You

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