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Posted: May 4, 2020 at 10:52 pm

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education reports that a Florida university has earned the foundation's highest rating for following policies that respect student speech.

To earn a "green light" rating, FIRE's Mary Zoeller says Florida State University revised a vague policy that encouraged students to report on other students, which demonstrated behavior inconsistent with the Seminole creed.

"But now the policy has great First Amendment language, Zoeller reports, that encourages students to express themselves and it states that the university values and embraces free expression."

At the same time, the University of Miami has a "red light" rating for an extremely restrictive IT policy.

"And that 'red light' IT policy bans students from creating language on the social network that is hateful, threatening, vulgar or derogatory, Zoeller says.

That policy is even more relevant now that schools are using online learning and could do so in the fall.

Additionally, the universities of Florida and North Florida previously earned "green light" ratings, according to Zoeller.

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A tale of two universities and one First Amendment - OneNewsNow

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