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Posted: March 29, 2017 at 11:49 am

The following is a list of shipwrecks that have been found. Some are old some are new.

Bahamas * SS Sapona a cargo steamer run aground near Bimini during a hurricane in 1926.

Bermuda * Sea Venture grounded off the coast in 1609, subsequently broke up and sank. * Warwick English cargo ship sunk in a gale in Castle Harbor in 1619, discovered in 1967. * San Antonio Portuguese nao wrecked on the west reefs in 1621, discovered in 1960. * Eagle Virginia Company ship wrecked in 1659. * Virginia Merchant Virginia Company ship wrecked in 1661. * Unidentified ship wrecked around 1750, found in 1983, known as the Frenchman wreck. * Unidentified ship wrecked mid-18th century, known as the Manilla wreck. * Hunters Galley wrecked in 1752. * Katherine wrecked in 1763. * Mark Antonio Spanish privateer, wrecked in 1777, discovered early 1960s. * Lord Amherst British armed transport wrecked in 1778. * HMS Cerberus lost at Castle Harbor in 1783. * HMS Pallas ran aground in 1783 off St. Georges Island, wreck has not been identified. * Caesar wrecked on a reef in 1818 en route from England to Baltimore. * Collector wrecked in 1823. * LHerminie French frigate wrecked in 1838. * Unidentified ship wrecked in 1849, believed to be the Minerva though that ship was wrecked in 1795. * Curlew wrecked on the northern reefs in 1856. * Montana American Civil War blockade runner sank in 1863. * Mari Celeste American Civil War blockade runner being piloted by a Bermudian, sank in eight minutes in 1864. * Beaumaris Castle ran aground in 1873. * Minnie Breslauer ran aground in 1873. * Alert fishing sloop sank in 1877. * Kate British steamer wrecked in 1878. * Lartington wrecked in 1879 after just five years of operation. * North Carolina wrecked off West End in 1880. * Darlington wrecked on the Western Reef in 1886. * Richard P. Buck caught fire and sank following a storm in 1889. * Apollo wrecked on the reefs in 1890. * Avenger wrecked on Mills Breakers in 1894. * HMS Vixen scuttled in 1896. * Madiana former Balmoral Castle, built 1877, wrecked 1903 * Pollockshields former Herodot, wrecked in 1915 near Elbow Beach. * Blanch King wrecked on the southwest reefs in 1920. * Taunton Norwegian steamer wrecked on the northern reefs in 1920. * Caraquet mail steamer wrecked on the northern barrier reef in 1923. * Zovetto cargo steamer ran aground in 1924, also known as Zovetta or Rita Zovetto. * Mussel Bermudian fishing boat wrecked in 1926. * Cristobal Colon Bermudas largest shipwreck sank in 1936. * Iristo Norwegian steamer also known as Aristo, grounded in 1937 after mistaking the Colon wreck for a ship still underway. * Pelinaion Greek steamer wrecked in 1940. * Constellation made famous in The Deep, sank in 1942. * Colonel William G. Ball wrecked on Mills Breakers in severe weather in 1943. * Wychwood ran aground in 1955, refloated, then sank again. * Elda wrecked in 1956 near the Eagle wreck. * Ramona Canadian ship wrecked in 1967, refloated for salvaging, re-sunk near Dockyard. * King American ship scuttled in 1984, first intentionally-created dive site in Bermuda. * Hermes American ship deliberately scuttled in 1984. * Triton scuttled in 1988 as a dive site.

British Virgin Islands * HMS Astraea a British frigate wrecked off the coast of Anegada on 23 May 1808. * HMS Nymph a British sloop caught fire, foundered and sank in Road Towns harbour in 1783. * RMS Rhone a British packet ship wrecked during a hurricane off the coast of Salt Island on 29 October 1867.

Dominican Republic * Nuestra Seora de Guadalupe a Spanish galleon sunk by hurricane in Samana Bay on 24 August 1724. * Conde de Tolosa a Spanish galleon run aground during a hurricane in Samana Bay on 25 August 1724. * St. George sunk as an artificial reef near La Romana in 1999. * Astron a freighter scuttled just off the coast of Punta Cana. * Monte Cristi Pipe Wreck sunk off the north coast of the Dominican Republic in the later part of the 17th century. * La Viete, French merchant ship, lost on a voyage of reinforcement and supply with a demi-brigade of artillery and infantry, their equipment, and a large shipment of specie (coins), etc. in 1802. This may be the wreck discovered by North Caribbean Research S.A. off Punta Luna. The Punta Luna wreck project is directed by NCRs Rick Berry.

Grenada * Bianca C a passenger ship sunk multiple times before becoming the Caribbeans largest shipwreck, near Grand Anse, in October 1961.

Haiti * Bluenose a Canadian schooner foundered on a reef on 28 January 1946.

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A list of Caribbean Shipwrecks | Pirate Shipwrecks ...